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Robin was born in Chicago to a former model and Ford Motors executive. After high school, he studied political science at Clermont College, but then enrolled at the famous Juilliard School of Drama.

In the 1970s, Robin began actively building an acting career - particularly on screen. Back then, he starred in comedy shows like Happy Days, The Hokies, and Mork and Mindy. In the latter, he got his first starring role. And for it, his first major award (we're talking about the 1979 Golden Globe).

"Mork and Mindy."

Well, in 1980, Robin got the lead role in Robert Altman's crazy movie "Popeye."


By the mid-1980s, Robin was already a star. He was constantly invited - he managed to play roles in the films "The World by Garp," "School for Survival," "Moscow on the Hudson" and many others. "Moscow...", the story of a Soviet musician's escape to the United States, proved particularly successful. For this film, Williams was again nominated for the Golden Globe.

1986 brought the actor a role in the film "The Best of Times," "Club Paradise" and "Seize the Day. Well, in 1988, Robin received his first Oscar nomination and another Golden Globe - for the painting "Good Morning, Vietnam.

"Good Morning, Vietnam."

In 1988, Williams played the Moon King in "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen," as well as one of the central roles in the famous film "Dead Poets Society." "Society..." earned Robin another Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA nomination each.

"The Adventures of Baron Munchausen."

"Dead Poets Society."

The 1990s began for Robin with the crime comedy "Cadillac Man" as well as the drama "Awakening." Then there was the "Oscar-winning" drama with elements of Terry Gilliam's comedy The Fisher King. For it, Williams again won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar.

"Cadillac Man."


Also in 1991, Williams starred in the dramatic thriller Dying Again. In addition, in the same year, he got the role of ... Peter Pan! We're talking about the movie "Captain Hook." And his Peter was very convincing.

"Captain Hook.

In 1992, Robin could be seen in a small role in the comedy "Clown Shakes," as well as in Barry Levinson's fantasy film "Toys." He also managed to voice the cartoon "Aladdin."


In 1993, Williams again played a great comedy role, for which he was awarded a Golden Globe. "Mrs. Doubtfire" is the story of a middle-aged man who has had a lot of problems and solves them by dressing up as the old lady Mrs. Doubtfire.

"Mrs. Doubtfire."

Thatsame year, Bill Forsythe filmed the drama "Being Human" - a five stories that happened at different times, and all of the hero are concerned about pressing issues: what to eat, where to hide, where to find a pair of boots... The hero played Robin.

In 1995, the birthday boy appeared in a small role, but in a very bright picture - "Wong Fu, with gratitude for everything! Julie Newmar. In addition, in 1995, came out a family movie "Jumanji" - about the magic game and what can happen if you lose it.

The mid-1990′s in general for Robin was almost the most active time in his career. He managed to work with Mike Nichols ("The Birdcage"), Francis Ford Coppola (Robin played in the movie "Jack" guy with a strange disease, whose body to 10 years old has aged to 40 years), Kenneth Bran (" Hamlet "), Woody Allen (Hamlet"), Woody Allen ("Breaking Bad Harry"), Gus Van Sant ("Good Will Hunting"), Tom Shadyac ("Healer Adams") and many others. He has also starred in such great films as "Where Dreams Lead," "Jacob the Liar," "The Bicentennial Man," "Father's Day," "Flubber," and many others. For some Williams was praised (for "Good Will Hunting" he won the long-awaited Oscar), for others - scolded (for example, he was nominated for the "Golden Raspberry" for "Bicentennial Man"). However, almost all of these pictures, even those that were not well received in the professional community, were loved by audiences.



"Breaking Harry."

"Good Will Hunting."

"♪ healer Adams ♪

"Where do dreams go?"

"Jacob the Liar."

"The Bicentennial Man."

"♪ Father's Day ♪


In the 2000s, Williams didn't think to slow down - he continued to be more than active. In 2002, he played in the drama thriller "Photo in an Hour" and in a black comedy with musical elements "Kill Smucci" (for which he, alas, was again nominated for the "Golden Raspberry"). That same year also saw the release of the dramatic thriller Insomnia, in which Robin worked with Al Pacino.

"Photo in an Hour."

"Kill Smoochy."


Another thriller awaited Williams in 2004 - then he appeared in the film "The Final Cut." Incidentally, the same year he played in David Duchovny's directorial project "Secrets of the Past."

"The Final Cut."

"Secrets of the Past."

The following year, Robin delighted viewers with the picture "The Great White Lumber" - a tape about Alaska. And in 2006, again "confused" them with the detective thriller "Night Listener. Also in 2006, he played in the movie "Man of the Year" and "Night at the Museum.

"The Night Listener."

"Man of the Year

"Night at the Museum."

In 2007, Williams got the lead role in the comedy "License to Marry. Then he played in the famous musical drama "August Rush. Even a little later, another drama was released with today's birthday boy, "The Psychoanalyst."

"License to Marry."

"August Rush."

The most recently released films with Robin are "The Best Daddy" and "So So Vacation." And Robin has plenty more projects in the pipeline, each of which audiences are certainly looking forward to.

"The Best Daddy Ever."

"So Much of a Vacation."

Unfortunately, neither of his two official marriages Robin failed to keep - including because of problems with alcohol. But he has three children from those marriages, so things have worked out in the family business, too.

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