Ramina Eskhakzai

Ramina Eskhakzai

Ukrainian model and presenter
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Short biography

Ramina Eskhakzai is a Ukrainian photo model.

Brief biography

Ramina Eskhakzai is a native of Kiev.

The future model received her higher education in Kiev Taras Shevchenko University, where she successfully graduated from the Faculty of Journalism.

However, by specialty Ramina Eshakzai did not work for a very long time. At first she was engaged in the organization of various holidays.

In 2015, Ramina Eskhakzai became one of the participants of the fifth season of the show "The Bachelor" on the TV channel " STB". This season as the bachelor of the project was Ukrainian soccer player Sergey Melnyk. In "TheBachelor" Eshakzai was able to break into the top three finalists, but as a result she was defeated and dropped out of the competition for the heart of Sergei Melnyk.

Literally immediately after the completion of "TheBachelor" Ukrainian magazine "Playboy" invited Ramina Eshakzai for cooperation. The appearance on the glossy cover of candid nude photos of Ramina Eshakzai made her even more famous.

In addition, Eschakzai starred in several music videos of various Ukrainian performers - for example, the group "Antitila".

Now Ramina Eskhakzai has returned to work in her specialty and hosts her author's web show on YouTube "Rumor has it". Ramina invites various people to her studio - from Andrey Danilko to Dmitry Gordon - and talks to them about the most topical issues, from political ones, such as presidential elections, to Eurovision, new music videos and Instagram pages. Almost two hundred thousand people are subscribed to the channel of the show.

Personal life

Ramina Eskhakzai for a long time met with a famous Ukrainian singer Vitaly Kozlovsky. However, even though the artist made a marriage proposal to the model, Ramina Eskhakzai and Vitaly Kozlovsky broke up.

Activity in the network

  • Facebook. Ramina Eskhakzai's Facebook page is subscribed to by about four thousand people.

  • Twitter. In the social network Twitter, despite its popularity, Ramina Eskhakzai does not have a page.

  • Instagram. This resource acts as the main media platform for the star. The appearance of new photos of Ramina Eskhakzai in Instagram is constantly monitored by 145 thousand readers.

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