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Dylan Pierce Brosnan was born May 16, 1953 in the small town of Navan, Ireland. Pierce's father abandoned the family when the boy was only one year old, and his mother soon flew to London, leaving the future actor to bring up his grandmother. Brosnan was reunited with his mother only when he was 11 years old - they moved to the suburbs of London, where he began studying at a local school. At age 16, Pierce abandoned his studies, beginning to work in a photography studio, and later, inspired by his colleague, joined the theater troupe "The Oval House" and soon gave up his day job to pursue an acting career.

In 1973, Brosnan enrolled at the London Drama Center, where he trained for 3 years. In parallel, Brosnan played on the stages of London theaters, where in 1978 he met his love in the face of actress Cassandra Harris. The wedding took place on December 27, 1980, though by that time Cassandra already had two children - Charlotte and Christopher, who the couple began to raise together.

The financial situation of the Brosnan family at that time was very fragile - the only help was a small role in the movie Pierce. Thus, in 1980 he played a mercenary of the Irish Republican Army in the movie "The long good Friday", and also paired Elizabeth Taylor in "The Mirror Cracked. And despite the fact that these were not yet very prominent roles, it was in this year that Pierce had an event in his life that was to turn his film career around in the future - he met Albert Broccoli, who produced the Bond films. Pierce's appearance impressed the producer, and after a while he offered to take Roger Moore's place in the "post" of Bond immediately after he gave up that role.

But it was not yet clear how soon that would happen or if it would happen at all, so it was possible not to think seriously about the role of Bond just yet. Which Pierce did, continuing to act in small television series and movies. Some time later the actor noticed in Hollywood, and Brosnan and his family had to move to Los Angeles to take part in the shooting of the American series "Remington Steele", the television debut which was held in 1982. Pierce got the role of a private detective in this show, which quickly managed to win the love of the audience and bring the actor popularity in the States.

However, the joy of such a successful turn of career was overshadowed by a more important personal event - in 1983, Pierce was born his first son - Sean William. In addition, that same year the actor was nominated for a Golden Globe for the role of Robert Golda Shaw in the miniseries BBC "Nancy Astor".

In its fourth year, Remington Steele began to lose popularity, and the decision was soon made to close the show. It seemed to be a very good time, as Roger Moore stepped away from the role of Bond, and Pierce was almost ready to take his place "in the service of Her Majesty." However, the producers of the series whether out of spite or stupidity decided at the last moment not to close the TV series, depriving Pierce great opportunity to give his film career ...

The series was still closed after a few episodes, but by this time the role of Bond has already taken Timothy Dalton.
Unfortunately, trouble never comes alone - around the same time Brosnan's wife was diagnosed with cancer. She struggled to survive for several years, while Pierce struggled to make money for the family, starring in such not very famous films as "The Fourth Protocol", "Liars", and some others, trying to do as little as possible to leave the terminally ill wife ... Cassandra died in her husband's arms in December 1991.

Trying to survive the pain of loss, Brosnan went head to work. In 1992 he starred in the cult "Lawnmower," in 1993 - in "Mrs. Doubtfire" with Robin Williams, as well as in several little-known TV movies. Around the same time it became known that Timothy Dalton would no longer appear as Bond. It was a moment of luck for Pierce, and he didn't miss it!
The first Bond film starring Brosnan, GoldenEye, grossed over $350 million at the box office, becoming the most commercially successful film starring Agent 007. Even greater success was accompanied by the films "Tomorrow Never Dies" and released in 1999, "And the whole world is not enough.
In 2002, the Bondiad celebrated its anniversary with the release of the 20th series about the adventures of a super agent. "Die Another Day Now" was a box office success, managing to break even just three weeks of its huge 140 million budget and was recognized as one of the best films about the adventures of the legendary spy. And with Brosnan also firmly entrenched the honorary title of "the best James Bond," to which many still do not forget to add "...after Sean Connery.
However, despite the popularity, which brought Brosnan this role, the actor is not going to dwell on this image, continuing to appear in various films. Thus, in recent years on the screen was about five pictures with his participation - "Grey Owl", "Match", "Thomas Crown Affair", "Evelyn", "Tailor from Panama" and some others.

Personal life Pierce also began to improve - Brosnan had a large number of novels with famous film actors and models, but none of them failed to win the heart of this Hollywood lover. None, except for journalist Kelly Shay Smith, with whom he met in 1994 and with whom, six whole years later decided to join his life forever. The wedding took place in August 2001.
In January 1997, she gave him a son who was named Dillon Thomas Brosnan. They now live together, in California, and are raising their baby boy. Brosnan recently became a grandfather, his adopted daughter Charlotte had a baby.

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