Nino Katamadze

Nino Katamadze

Georgian singer
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Short biography

Nino Katamadze is a popular composer and performer of Georgian origin.

Brief Biography

Nino Katamadze was born in Kobuleti, Georgia, on August 21, 1972.

She became a favorite of millions due to her unconventional approaches to folklore and classics, originality of compositions.

Nino started to show a taste for singing at the age of four. Her grandmother, who loved to sing and instilled this love in the whole family, contributed to this. It is worth noting that the girl's first vocal mentor was her uncle, a music teacher at school. In turn, Nino's grandfather taught her to play the guitar.

When the time came to decide on a profession, Nino decided to combine life with music. She received her higher education at the Batumi Music Institute, faculty of classical vocals (1990-1994).

Along with the beginning of her studies at the Institute, Katamadze began her singing career. Thus, since 1990 she performed on stage as a vocalist in various musical projects.

Since 1999, the artist is actively cooperating with a group Insight, through which she became known in Georgia and abroad.

Subsequently, in 2002, Nino Katamadze tried herself as a composer of the film "Apple" directed by Irina Kreselidze. After that there was work on the soundtracks to the films "Mermaid", "Heat", "Indy". In total, her compositions were used as soundtracks in 12 films.

Private life

Nino Katamadze is married. Her husband David is a surgeon by profession. The artist met with him at the same reception. In the marriage the couple had a son Nicholas. The artist learned about the pregnancy while on tour and decided not to interrupt the concert schedule. Therefore, until the 8th month of pregnancy, she confidently embodied all the goals set at the time.

Nino Katamadze on television

In 2014, the singer appeared on Ukrainian television as a judge of the talent show on STB TV channel "X-factor". On the project she worked in tandem with Ivan Dorn, Igor Kondratyuk and Sergey Sosedov.

During the years of her singing career, Nino Katamadze gave concerts in her native Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Great Britain and the USA.

However, recently the singer refused to tour in Russia, and apologized for her participation in the Russian festival "Usadba Jazz". This decision was caused by massive protests in Georgia in connection with the invitation of the Russian delegation to the session of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy.

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