Natalia Didenko

Natalia Didenko

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Short biography

NataliaDidenko is the chief weather forecaster for the online resource Opogode, weather anchor at Espreso.tv.

Who is Natalia Didenko

Natalia Didenko, or as she was jokingly nicknamed "weatherman with a cat" - one of the most popular and well-known weather experts in the network.

Didenko weather forecasts are regularly reprinted by the largest news sites in Ukraine.

Weather from Didenko

Daily weather forecasts, which Natalka Didenko publishes on her page on Facebook, have become incredibly popular due to the skillful presentation of the material by the forecaster.

Unlike the strict and dry numbers and data used by the vast majority of TV channels and weather websites, Didenko's forecasts are presented in simple and clear language, diluted with humor, interesting omens, proverbs and stories. Natalia Didenko enjoys explaining the many complex terms that forecasters are so fond of using, giving her reader a sense of what more serious synoptic forecasts are about.

Also, in addition to daily weather forecasts, Natalia Didenko tries to warn of emerging weather force majeure events - heavy rains, thunderstorms, snowfalls, storms - as quickly as possible and, in some cases, even ahead of official warnings from the State Emergency Service.

Web activity.

Facebook. Almost fifty thousand people are subscribed to the Facebook page of Natalia Didenko. It should be noted that Didenko is not only a forecaster, but also a person with an active civic position - the accumulated audience in the social network allows her to successfully share her views and her materials with the public.

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