Mykola Tishchenko

Mykola Tishchenko

restaurateur, extra-fractional MP
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Short biography

MykolaTishchenko is a Kiev restaurateur, non-fractional MP of the IX convocation, expelled from the Servant of the People faction.

Brief biography

Nikolai Tishchenko was born on May 17, 1972, in Kiev.

Nikolai Tishchenko received his higher education in the capital's Institute of Civil Engineering. There he was also awarded the lieutenant rank by the results of successful training at the military department.

Mykola Tishchenko started his business career in 1998, opening his first establishment.

In 2005, Nikolai Tishchenko first appeared on television. Since then, he has taken part in a huge number of television projects. The most famous of them are:

  • "Fort Boyar".

  • "MasterChef" - four seasons in a row Nikolai Tishchenko was a member of the jury of the cooking show, in total starring in this project for six years.

  • "Revizor" - to lead this program Nikolai Tishchenko began in 2017.

  • "Dancing with the stars" - in this project Tishchenko appeared in 2018th year.

Nikolai Tishchenko is the owner of a number of state awards, among which we can highlight the order "For Merit" of the III degree, received in 2008-my year.

Nikolai Tishchenko's restaurants

In total, Nikolai Tishchenko owns seven restaurants - "Uley", "Richelieu", "Three Forks", "Safe", "Velur", "TurgeneF", "Olmeca Plage " and sushi bar " Fluffy". All these establishments were united in a common network "Nasha Karta" in 2007.

Special elections to the Rada 2019

In June 2019, Mykola Tishchenko ran for the People's Deputies of Ukraine from the party "Servant of the People". Together with the party, Tishchenko won the elections to the Rada.

Mykola Tishchenko's criminal past

A number of media outlets claim that in the 90's Mykola Tishchenko led one of Kiev's organized crime groups, bearing the nickname "Kolya-Obolonsky".


One of the loudest scandals around Tishchenko broke in 2020, when it became known that his Kiev restaurant Velur continued to operate quietly, despite the fact that all catering establishments were closed due to quarantine associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The restaurant even openly solicited Ukrainians for night festivities.

In addition, the media published information about Tishchenko's possible involvement together with the president of the Ukrbud company, Serhiy Kucher, as well as businessman Denys Komarnitsky, who is called the "watchdog of Kiev," in illegal sand mining in the Holosiyivskyy district of Kiev.

In addition, Geo Leros, an MP from the Servant of the People, earlier said that Komarnitsky and Tishchenko have long been up to their necks in the corruption schemes that are going on in the capital. Only the head of the Presidential Office, Andriy Yermak, is above them, managing all the flows.

Leros also claimed that Komarnitskyy and Tishchenko illegally took possession of millions of hryvnias worth of seized property of corrupt officials.

The mass media also obtained documents that Tishchenko won state procurement contracts worth 15m dollars through his sister's firms.

In addition, on September 30, 2020, Leros said that he received evidence from the SBU that Komarnitsky and Tishchenko allegedly planned an assassination attempt on him.

Full-scale invasion by the Russian Federation

After February 24, 2022, when the aggressor country RF started a full-scale war against Ukraine, Tishchenko suddenly found himself in the Transcarpathian region, where he was allegedly sent to restore order. But there he only made a show at the border with Hungary.

In April 2022, Tishchenko was caught in another scandal, when he was suddenly awarded a pistol for the defense of Ukraine. It is not very clear who made the decision to award Tishchenko, as the Interior Ministry officially stated that they had not issued such an order.

In January 2023, during heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine, as well as another missile attack by the Russian Federation, it turned out that Tishchenko was in Thailand.

Amid the scandal in the "Servant of the People" decided to exclude Tishchenko from the faction and the party.

The MP himself said that he went to Thailand on the instructions of the party and conducts there "titanic work".

Personal life

In total, the restaurateur was married three times. The third wife of Mykola Tishchenko is Alla Baranovskaya, a journalist and photo model from Donetsk. The couple has two children.

Activity in the network
  • Facebook. Nikolai Tishchenko's Facebook page is subscribed by 37 thousand people.

  • Instagram. The appearance of fresh photos of Nikolai Tishchenko in Instagram is followed by almost half a million users.

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