Mykhailo Panchyshyn

Mykhailo Panchyshyn

Ukrainian singer
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Short biography

Mykhailo Pan chyshyn is a Ukrainian singer, former lead singer of the band Ptashkin. He is the winner of the eighth season of the television talent show X-Factor (2017) and the thirteenth season of the show The Voice of Kraїnya (2023).

Brief biography

Mykhailo Panchyshyn was born in 1998 in the town of Rudki, Lviv region.

He received his education in Rudkivska gymnasium, and then studied to be a pastry chef in Lviv Professional College of Hotel and Tourist and Restaurant Service.

Subsequently, he worked in one of Lviv's sushi bars.

As a child he became a member of the National Scout Organization of Ukraine - "Plast".

In March 2022, became on the defense of Ukraine from a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, joining the ranks of the terror defense of Kiev.


Panchyshyn never had a musical education, but always dreamed of becoming a singer.

In 2017, he took part in the talent show "X-Factor" on STB TV channel, where he made it to the superfinals and won.

Subsequently, he began to perform as part of the band Ptashkin.

"The Voice of Ukraine".

In 2023 Panchyshyn became a participant in the song show "The Voice of Kraїni", the thirteenth season of which was filmed in Poland. The singer again made it to the finals and won the show.

However, opinions in social networks regarding Panchyshyn's victory were divided.

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