Mykhailo Khoma ("DZIDZIO")

Mykhailo Khoma ("DZIDZIO")

Ukrainian singer, leader of the band DZIDZIO
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Short biography

Mykhailo Stepanovich Khoma "D zidzio" is a popular Ukrainian singer.

Brief biography

Mykhailo Khoma was born in the village of Bortniki, in Lviv region, on November 20, 1983.

From the age of six he studied at a music school, and later graduated from a music school, specializing in "conductor".

He received his higher education at the Kiev National Institute of Culture and Arts.

For some time he worked at the Ukrainian customs, but soon left to sing in the group "Mikhail Khoma and Friends". The group mainly performed at weddings and corporate holidays.

In 2009, thanks to the lead singer of the band "Skryabin" Andrey Kuzmenko(Kuzma) founded the band "DZIDZIO" and since then has been its permanent soloist and leader.

In 2013th year, he hosted the television program "Sing if you can" on the "Novy Channel".

In 2018-my year he starred in the Ukrainian comedy movie "Swingers 2".

In addition, Mikhail Khome owns the studio "DZIDZIOFILM", which is responsible for shooting music videos of the musical collective. The studio also has two full-length movies on its account: "DZIDZIO First Time" and "DZIDZIO Contrabass".

Mikhail Khoma's band "DZIDZIO" is the winner of two prestigious Ukrainian awards: "Golden Firebird" and "M1 Music Awards".


Mykhailo Khoma's band sings in the genre of "comedy anti-glamorous pop music" invented by them. In total, the collective has already recorded three albums:

  • "HA-HA-HA".



Their most popular songs are considered to be:

  • "Contrabass".

  • "Marshrutka".

  • "Pavuk."

  • "Don't matyukaje".

  • "Me and her."

  • "Serenade."

  • "Naked Girls."

  • "My LUBOV."

In addition, in total, Mikhail Khoma's group shot twenty-one video clips.

Dancing with the stars

Mikhail Khoma became a participant of the new season of the show "Dancing zirkami" on the TV channel "1+1" in 2019.

Personal life

Mikhail Khoma is married. His wife - Yaroslava Pritula ("Slavtsya") is an extremely popular and famous Lviv singer. The couple played their wedding back in 2013.

Activity in the network

Most often on the Internet, Mikhail Khoma can be found on the following popular resources:

  • Facebook. Mikhail Khoma's Facebook page is subscribed to by more than 14 thousand people.

  • Twitter. Mikhail Khoma has been keeping his Twitter account since 2013.

  • Instagram. The most popular is Mikhail Khoma's Instagram page, where he publishes his fresh photos - it is followed by more than a million regular readers.

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