Maxim Mirovich

Maxim Mirovich

Belarusian blogger
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MaksimMirovich is a popular Belarusian blogger.

Who is Maxim Mirovich

Maxim Mirovich is a blogger from Belarus. His vivid anti-Russian and anti-Soviet publications have brought Mirovich much fame on the Internet.

Maksim Mirovich himself considers his materials "a response to the creeping neo-Stalinism", but he assures that he does not consider himself a political analyst or observer.

Maksim Mirovich's blog

One of the main topics of Maksim Mirovich's blog is popular myths about the Soviet Union.

How Soviet citizens really lived, how Soviet stores, Soviet public transportation and Soviet hospitals really looked like. Why the Soviet Union suffered such huge losses during World War II and why the Red Army and Nazi Wehrmacht paraded together in Brest. How life in the United States during the Cold War was better than life in the Soviet Union. What really happened during the famous Tambov Uprising. Whether Yuri Gagarin really flew into space.

The blogger vividly, in great detail in the smallest detail describes such topics, revealing the real, very unsightly details of the existence of the Soviet Union, which today are carefully hidden by modern Russian propaganda.

Online activity

  • LiveJournal. LiveJournal is Maxim Mirovich's main networking platform. It was on LiveJournal that the blogger started his publications.

  • Facebook. Maxim Mirovich's Facebook page is subscribed by almost 14 thousand people.

  • Twitter. Maxim Mirovich's account in the social network Twitter has more than 23 thousand regular readers.

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