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December 8, 1953 in Athens (not the ones in Greece, but those in the U.S. state of Georgia), a family financier and fashion model was born Kim Ann Basinger. In addition to her, there were four other children in the family - two older brothers Kim and two younger sisters.

Kim grew up quiet and not very confident child, but by the age of 17 blossomed so much that she even decided to take part in a beauty contest - at first a school, and then a larger. So Basinger first won an award for her own looks - she was awarded the title of "Miss Georgia.

This added to the girl's confidence, and she moved to New York, where she took part in the "Miss America" contest. She did not win it, but she was able to launch a modeling career, and more than successful. Kim shot for magazines and simultaneously performed in clubs as a singer. Soon she got bored with it, and in 1976 she moved to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming an actress.

At first, Kim played small roles on TV - in the projects "The Dog and the Cat", "Ghost of Flight 401", "Vegas" and others. In 1978, she got her first major role - in the TV movie "Portrait of Enchantment. By the early 1980′s, on her account have already bought pictures - "Kill Joy," "Rough Country," "Goldilocks" and many others. By the way, on the set of "Harsh Country" Kim met her first husband Ron Snyder-Britton.

Basinger herself was unhappy with how her career was progressing, so she considered returning to modeling - which is why she agreed to pose for Playboy. After the release of the magazine was waiting for her several tempting job offers, including in the movies.

So, in 1983, the actress won a role in the James Bond movie "Never Say Never", as well as in the comedy "The Man Who Loved Women. The following year, Kim starred in the film "Normal," for which she received her first ever nomination for the "Golden Globe".

In 1985, Kim played in the drama of Robert Altman, "Why Fools Fall in Love", and in 1986, she finally managed to write her name in the history of cinema - a role in the erotic drama "9 1/2 Weeks". The picture and really became a cult, and Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke - the favorite of millions. But critics did not like the film (the film was considered secondary to the classic erotic works of world cinema - for example, "Last Tango in Paris" by Bernardo Bertolucci), and Kim was even nominated for the "Golden Raspberry". By the way, the actress has a long and complicated relationship with this award - she has been nominated a total of six times. The last - in 2005 as "The worst loser in the first 25 years of the existence of the award. Remarkably, Kim's "Raspberry" never won.

"9 1/2 Weeks."

With Mickey Rourke in 1986 (still from "9 1/2 Weeks")

...and almost a quarter century later (2009).

Immediately after "9 1/2 Weeks" came the action movie "No Mercy", where Kim starred with Richard Gere, and then followed a series of comedies: "Blind Date", "Nadine", "My Stepmom - an alien. By the way, in each of the films Basinger had great partners - respectively, Bruce Willis, Jeff Bridges and Dan Ackroyd.

"Blind Date."

"My Stepmother is an Alien."

In 1989, Kim played the girlfriend of the main character in the film "Batman", and two years later - in the comedy "The Marrying Habit". And although for the latter film, she was again nominated for the "Golden Raspberry", but because of it, she fell in love with his partner in the film Alec Baldwin. In 1993, they married, and in 1995 they had a daughter, Ireland. However, still the marriage was not durable - in 1999, Kim and Alec separated. The former spouses are still very difficult relations.


"The Habit of Marriage.

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

Kim with her grown-up daughter.

In 1992, the duo Batsinger and Richard Gere "reborn" on the screen - they starred together in "The Final Analysis". And in 1993, Kim appeared with Val Kilmer in the action movie "The Real McCoy.

"The Real McCoy."

1994 brought the actress two pictures - "Escape" and "High Fashion" by Robert Altman, followed by a three-year career break due to the birth of her daughter.


"High Fashion."

Kim returned to film with the dramatic thriller "Secrets of Los Angeles." It brought the actress her long-awaited Oscar and Golden Globe awards (and by then, Basinger must have gotten tired of the Golden Raspberry).

"Secrets of Los Angeles."

Since the late 1990s, Kim has been filming with some pretty serious interruptions. For example, in 2000 there were two films with her participation - "I Dreamed of Africa" and "Save and Save". And her next work came only in 2002 - the film "The Eighth Mile" and "The Necessary People.

"I dreamed of Africa."

"Save and Save"

"The Necessary People

"The Eighth Mile.

In 2004, came out just three very different movies with Kim - a drama "Floor Door" (the story of a couple who lost two sons in a car accident), the comedy "Elvis Left the Building" (film adaptation of the same name computer game) and the action movie "Cell Phone".

"Door in the Floor."

"Elvis Left the Building."

"Cell Phone."

Kim's most notable works of the last five years are the crime film "The Big Bet," the thriller "While She Was Away" and the drama "Blazing Plain." In 2010, also at the box office, started the film "The Double Life of Charlie St. Cloud," in which Batsinger played a role.

"Biggest Bet."

"While She Was Away."

"Blazing Plain."

"The Double Life of Charlie St. Cloud."

Surely Kim will please us many more times with her acting work (what are her years!). In any case, we wish her as many interesting roles as possible and as little trouble as possible - like the one she had in 1993, when the company Main Line Pictures sued her for eight million 900 thousand dollars for breach of contract.

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