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Today is the birthday of the beautiful actress, especially beloved by viewers of romantic comedies. She is turning 32 years old.

Katherine Marie Heigl was born in Washington, DC, but soon after her birth her parents moved to Connecticut. Katherine's father was in finance and her mother worked as a human resources manager. In addition to Catherine, her parents had three other children (including an adopted daughter). However, in 1986 there was a terrible tragedy - in a car crash killed her older brother Catherine. Later, Catherine and her mother opened a charitable foundation and named it after the deceased Jason.

Mr. and Mrs. Heigl gave their daughter a strict religious upbringing. However, this did not stop her from starting to work in advertising at the age of nine. Aunt Katherine used her niece's photo to advertise her own hair care product. And later the parents of the girl contacted the modeling agencies. Soon the baby began to advertise breakfast cereals.

In 1992, Heigl made her film debut - in the melodrama "That Night. A year later she starred in "The King of the Mountain", and in 1994 landed a major role in the film "My Father - a hero.

In 1995, Catherine first appeared in an action movie - it was the film "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. For the role of Catherine refused to work in "Hackers" - in the end, the role of Angelina Jolie.

The next year Catherine appeared in a fairy tale - it was called "Make a Wish.

"Make a Wish."

"Under Siege 2: Dark Territory."

In 1997, Catherine and her mother moved to Los Angeles, and her career began to develop even more actively. This year Heigl had two costume projects - the tapes "Prince Valiant" and "Understudy". The first carries the audience into the Middle Ages, the second - in Hollywood in the late 1930′s. In 1998, Catherine appeared in the thriller "Bride Chucky" - a continuation of a series of paintings about a killer doll. Apparently, the horror stories Catherine liked - her next work was the thriller "Attack of the Insects.

"Bride of Chucky."

2000's began for Hagel with a romantic comedy "100 Girls and One in the Elevator" and continued again a thriller - a picture of "Valentine's Day". Then, in 2003, Catherine starred in another horror film "Shadow in the Gloom. Then her career took her to TV - she played in several television movies (in particular, the role in the wonderful project "Love Comes Quietly") until she was invited to the TV series "Grey's Anatomy. It also brought her huge popularity all over the world and two Golden Globe nominations (in 2007 and 2008).

"Shadow in the Dark".

"Love comes quietly."

"Grey's Anatomy.

In addition to "Grey's Anatomy" (she left the series in March 2010), strangely enough, Catherine starred primarily in comedies - the exception is, except that the 2006 thriller "The Way of the Zizikis. In the same 2006-m, she appeared in the comedy "The Coffee House", then - in Jud Appatow film "A Little Pregnant", then - in the movie "27 Weddings", and a little later - in "The Naked Truth" with Gerard Butler. In the next film Catherine was also lucky to have a partner - in "Killers" she was played with Ashton Kutcher."

"A Little Pregnant."

"27 Weddings."

"The Naked Truth."


The most recently released film with Catherine is "Life As It Is. It's a melodrama with a comedic twist: the story of how two young people who hate each other (a man and a woman, of course) have to settle under the same roof to take care of their goddaughter, since they are the only loved ones she has left. The film's tagline is quite consistent with the content: "Family is an instruction manual."

"Life As It Is."

Meanwhile, Catherine herself is now getting used to her new status. Last year, she and her husband Josh Kelly adopted a baby girl. Her parents named her Nancy Leigh (shortened baby girl named Nelay) - in honor of Catherine's mother.

Katherine and her husband.

...and her daughter.

Baby Neley.

Now most of the time the actress gives her daughter, but at work do not forget - in 2011, goes to the movie "For the Money". Catherine will play an unemployed young woman who for the sake of his financial well-being has become a "headhunter.

On the set of "For Money".

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