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Short biography

Jigan (real name Denis Ustimenko-Vainshtein) is a Ukrainian and Russian rap singer.

Brief biography

Jigan was born on August 2, 1985 in Odessa.

Jigan discovered his interest in music at the age of 9, when he became interested in hip-hop.

Subsequently, Jigan also actively engaged in sports: in particular, boxing, tai-boxing and kickboxing. In 2004, he received the title of master of sports and became the champion of Ukraine in hand-to-hand combat. In addition, he won a silver award at the European Kickboxing Championship.

Musical career

Seriously engaged in music Jigan began in 2005, when his cooperation with the group "Godfamily" began.

However, the first appearance on the big stage took place only in 2007, when Jigan together with Russian rapper Timati and Bogdan Titomir performed a joint track "Dirty Shl*shki" at the MTV RMA awards ceremony.

In the same year, he began working closely with the label Black Star Inc.

Further, he actively collaborated with various stars of the Russian pop scene. Among them: Yulia Savicheva, Zhanna Friske, Diskoteka Avariya group, Anna Sedokova, Dima Bilan, Stas Mikhailov and others.

Since 2014 he stopped cooperation with Black Star Inc and became an independent artist.


"Cold Heart" (2012)

"Music. Life." (2013)

"Your Choice" (2015)

"Jiga" (2016)

"Days and Nights" (2017)

"The Edge of Paradise" (2019)

Personal life and scandal

Jigan has been married to Oksana Samoylova since December 2012. The couple raises three daughters and a son: Ariela, Leya, Maya and David.

In March 2020, it became known that Dzhigan and Samoylova parted ways. According to rumors, the rapper began to have problems with drugs. In addition, he allowed himself to beat Samoilova.

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