Eugene Ogir

Eugene Ogir

Ukrainian producer, husband of Tina Karol
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Short biography

Yevhen Ogir is a Ukrainian music producer, husband of Tina Karol.

Brief biography

Eugene Ogir was born in Kiev, August 14, 1980.

He graduated from the Karpenko-Karoly KNU, receiving a higher education as a movie producer.

Since 2001 he cooperated with M1 TV channel, where he led two projects:

  • "Tvii Format " - a concert TV program, which brought M1 channel two victories in the "Teletriumph" award.

  • "Molochni Brati " is an extremely popular entertainment and news program in the genre of "late-night show", despite being aired at night. It was broadcast on M1 for several years, after which it was closed. However, later there were rumors about the project's resumption.

In 2003, he married his colleague Darina, but a few years later Ogir and his first wife divorced.

In 2007, he began producing singer Tina Karol. It was thanks to Eugene Ogir Karol recorded two studio albums:

  • "Pole of Attraction " - released in 2007, nine songs, received in Ukraine platinum status.

  • "9 Lives " - was released in 2010, recorded over two years. Thirteen songs and five videos, released on CD and DVD. Received platinum status in Ukraine.

Tina Karol's husband

In 2008, in January, Eugene Ogir and Tina Karol secretly married. And in June they publicly got married in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, turning their wedding into the event of the year for Ukrainian show business. Soon after that the couple had a son, whom Eugene and Tina named Veniamin - now the boy is studying in a London school. Eugene also had a son Zhenya from his first marriage, whom Tina Karol accepted very warmly and repeatedly called "her second son".

Eugene Ogir's illness

At the age of thirty, Eugene Ogir was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Three years later, on April 28, 2013, despite treatment in Germany and Israel, the producer died.

Eugene Ogir was buried at the Berkovetsky cemetery in Kiev.

In memory of Yevgeniy Ogir, Tina Karol released the album "I Remember" and the single "Thank You". And the TV channel "1+1" released a documentary "The Power of Love and Voice", telling about the family life of Tina Karol and Eugene Ogir.

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