Andriy Kravchenko

Andriy Kravchenko

Ukrainian singer
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Short biography

Andriy Kravchenko is a Ukrainian pop singer. He is often compared to Oleg Vinnik for his somewhat similar vocals and manner of performance.

Brief biography

Andriy Kravchenko was born in 1994.

He graduated from the school of arts, as well as the Institute of Culture.

At one time he worked in the song and dance ensemble of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Kravchenko studied at the military department of the Shevchenko Institute, where he received the rank of junior lieutenant in the reserve, specializing as a military psychologist.

Andriy is an honored entertainer of Ukraine.

In 2020 he was included in the rating "Top 100 outstanding men of Kyiv region".

Comparison with Vinnik

Kravchenko fans note that his style, voice and timbre are very reminiscent of Oleg Vinnik.

Kravchenko himself said that he even heard rumors that he was Vinnik's brother or son.

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