Alina Baykova

Alina Baykova

Ukrainian top model
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Short biography

AlinaBaikova is a world-class Ukrainian top model.

Brief Biography

Alina Baikova was born in Kropivnitsky, September 5, 1989.

After graduating from school, due to lack of money for higher education and failure to enroll on a budget, the girl got a job as a waitress in one of the city cafes. It was there that she was first noticed and offered a modeling career.

After several rejections Baikova still made a decision and enrolled in a modeling school.

Her real career began with a three-month modeling contract in China. Then there were successful performances in Italian Milan and in France, in Paris.

In 2011, Alina Baikova traveled with a "model tour" around the world - from the United States of America to Great Britain.

In the end, due to the huge amount of work, the model decided to move to New York, where she stayed.

However, Alina Baikova often visits Ukraine and her native city of Kropivnitsky, where she actively helps the school for orphans there.

Alina Baikova and Leonardo DiCaprio

In 2017, the network was rocked by rumors about a possible close relationship between Alina Baikova and the cult film actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The paparazzi managed to take a picture of them together on a New York street, which instantly went viral on the Internet and even appeared in popular glossy magazines.

After keeping up the intrigue for a year, Baikova ended up commenting on the gossip in an interview with Katya Osadcha on the "Social Life" program. According to the model, she has nothing in common with the famous actor, except a good friendship.

Photos and activity in the network

Alina Baikova's Instagram account is incredibly popular - almost three hundred thousand people are subscribed to it. On her page, the model publishes incredibly candid photos: nude photos, erotic photo shoots or funny shots, like photos without underwear on a golden toilet.

However, you can also find there Alina Baikova's photo reports about her charity work - the model is actively involved in helping the poor people of Africa and India.

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