Alexander Ponomarev

Alexander Ponomarev

Singer, People's Artist of Ukraine
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Short biography

Alexander Valeryevich Ponomarev is a popular Ukrainian singer.

Brief biography

Alexander Ponomarev was born in Khmelnitsky on August 9, 1973. He studied at the same place, at the music college. Later he graduated from the Lviv Conservatory, specialty "vocal".

First performed on the big stage of the festival "Chervona Ruta" in Donetsk, winning there.

Soon after in 1993 Ponomarev received the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine.

In 1998, he launched the center "Z ranchu do nochi". The organization specializes in voice-over, sound recording and arranging.

In 1999, during the presidential elections in Ukraine, he supported Leonid Kuchma, and sang at numerous concerts during his pre-election campaign.

In 2001 Ponomariov became the first performer in Ukraine to be recognized as "the best singer of the state" six times in a row and received six consecutive "Golden Firebird" awards.

He was the first Ukrainian to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in Riga in 2003. His song "Hasta la vista" came in 14th place at the contest.

He actively supported the Orange Revolution, remembered by the whole country for his performance of the Ukrainian anthem on the Maidan. However, in an interview with OBOZREVATEL he stressed that he was not going to or even thought about the possibility of going into politics, for example, running for MP of Ukraine.

In 2011, he participated in two seasons of the show "The Voice of the Country".

Personal life

Alexander Ponomarev lived for ten years together with Alena Mozgova, by whom he has a daughter Yevgeniya. From 2006 to 2011 he was married to Victoria Martynyuk, who gave birth to Ponomarev son Alexander.


Ponomarev has released a total of nine albums and thirty music videos for his songs. He starred in four films: the multiseries "Personal Life", the comedy musical "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka", where he played the role of a friend of the blacksmith Vakula, "Contestant. Lethal Show" and "SOTKA".

His music video for the song "Ti taka one" became incredibly popular, which the singer presented to the general public in honor of Valentine's Day 2019. And the music video for the song "Neimovirna", which appeared in September 2018, gathered more than a hundred thousand views on YouTube in just a couple of days.

In 2011, Ponomariov was recognized as the best performer of the twentieth century according to the music award YUNA.

Significant songs

Alexander Ponomarev is known for his performance of the anthem of Ukraine. In addition, his most popular songs are considered:

  • "From Early to Night".

  • "You Are Mine."

  • "He's Watching Her."

  • "Fire".

  • "I got lost".

  • "Zironka."

  • "Poloneny".

  • "Kryla".

  • "Love War".

  • "The Light of Your Eyes".

  • "Ti dochakay me".

Web activity

In addition to his official website, Alexander Ponomarev can be found on Facebook, where his page already has 26 thousand subscribers. In addition, the singer leads his Instagram, which is followed by 92 thousand people. Ponomarev also has his own channel on YouTube, which has over 13 thousand subscribers.

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