Yuriy Sodol

Yuriy Sodol

Commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
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Short biography

Yuriy Ivanovich Sodol is a Ukrainian military officer, commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Hero of Ukraine (2022).

Brief biography

Yuriy Sodol was born on December 26, 1970, Chuguev, Kharkiv region. Graduated from high school in Mariupol 1988, Sumy Higher Artillery Command School 1992 and the National Academy of Defense of Ukraine named after I. Chernyakhovsky in Kiev 2022 (qualified as an officer of military management of operational-tactical, 2015 - operational-strategic levels).

Lieutenant General Yuri Sodol before the new appointment was the commander of the Marine Infantry of the Navy of the AFU, the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Served in the airborne forces since 2003. During this time he made 96 parachute jumps.

In 2007 he was appointed commander of the 25th Airborne Brigade.

Yuri Sodol has been at war since 2014. With his brigade visited the hottest points of the front. Among other things, he participated in the battles for Rubizhne, the storming of Yampol, the defense of Donetsk airport, led the cover of the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Debaltsevo.

In January 2015, Sodolya was appointed first deputy commander of the Airborne Assault Troops. And from March 2018 he held the post of commander of the Marine Corps of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Since the first days of the large-scale invasion of Russia, he has been leading the defense on one of the most difficult parts of the front.

Yuri Sodol is the Hero of Ukraine (2022). He has a medal "For Military Service of Ukraine" (2010). Order "For courage" 3rd degree (2014) and the Order of Bohdan Khmelnitsky 3rd degree (2015).

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