Varvara Koshevaya

Varvara Koshevaya

Daughter of actor Yevgeny Koshevoy
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Short biography

Varvara Yevgeny Kos hevaya is the daughter of comedian and actor Yevgeny Koshevoy.

Brief biography

Varvara Koshevaya was born on January 15, 2008. She lives with her parents in Kiev and studies at the same Kiev school "Logos".

Although now Varvara is only eleven years old, she is catching up with her father Eugene Koshevoy, actively participating in various television projects.

Varvara Koshevaya on "Ridicule the Comedian".

So, for the first time on the air Varvara Koshevaya appeared back in April 2016. Then she performed on the TV program "Ridiculous comedian. Children." Koshevoy's daughter managed to keep her preparation and numerous rehearsals a secret from Evgeny Koshevoy, so her appearance on the project was an unexpected surprise for her father. Nevertheless, Varvara managed to honestly win the program, winning twenty thousand hryvnias. Later she said that she would spend this money on charity and give it to an orphanage. By the way, this statement Varvara Koshevaya made on the air of Katerina Osadcha 's program "Secular Life", where she was invited as a guest, along with her parents.

Varvara Koshevaya on "The Voice. Children"

The next project of Varvara Kosheva was the show of the TV channel " 1+1" "Voice. Children." There, in the third episode of the third season Varvara Kosheva made her debut as a singer, singing the iconic "Wrecking ball" by Miley Cyrus. At the performance Varvara was supported by almost the entire cast of "95th quarter". According to the results of the audition Varvara Koshevaya successfully passed on and got into the team of star coach Potap.

On the same show Varvara was remembered by the audience for her performance of the song "Little Girl" as part of the trio of Potap's team.

Varvara Koshevaya in "Laugh League"

The biggest furor in the society was the performance of Varvara Kosheva in the project of the studio "Kvartal 95" "Liga Laugha". There Varvara performed as a member of the team "Lugansk national team". Going on stage in a bald wig, she brightly sparodied her father. It should be noted that for Yevgeny Koshevoy's daughter's participation in the concert was again a surprise.

Images with the "bald" daughter of Evgeny Koshevoy instantly went viral on the Internet, generating one of the most popular, related to her inquiries "why Varvara Koshevaya bald".

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