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November 26, 1939 in Netbush, Tennessee, in a family of workers was born Anna May Bullock. If you're not a fan of Tina Turner, that name won't tell you much. But the name of Tina herself is known to almost everyone. Meanwhile, at birth she was named Anna May Bullock.

When the girl was ten, her parents divorced. At 16, she moved with her mother and sister to St. Louis. It was there that she met musician Ike Turner, and Anna became a vocalist and host of his show. In 1960, the future star recorded the first song A Fool in Love, and it happened by chance: Ike did not come to the studio, and Anna sang the song. The song became a hit. Soon Ike came up with an alias of Tina Turner - he changed the name of his band to Ike & Tina Turner Revue. And in 1962, Ike and Tina got married.

Ike & Tina

In the 1960s and the first half of the 1970s, Tina and Ike worked and lived together. They became increasingly popular, winning a Grammy in 1971 for the song Proud Mary.

Together they raised four children - Tina's son from a previous relationship, Ike's two children from a previous relationship, and their mutual son Ronnie.

However, by the mid-1970s, Ike and Tina's union began to crumble before their eyes, both onstage (Ike was the director and manager of the band where Tina sang) and personal (Ike was taking drugs and it later turned out that he had beaten Tina during their relationship). Nevertheless, in 1974, the singer released her first solo album, which was produced by her husband. This disc was not particularly successful, but the real sensation made the record Acid Queen. It was released along with the movie "Tommy", where Tina played one of the roles.

In 1976, Turner ran away from Ike - after another scandal - just before the next concert. She was hiding from her husband's friends, because of her failed tour, she had absolutely no money. However, Tina later took responsibility for the failure of the tour and began to work independently, settling all debts. And in 1978 her marriage to Ike was annulled. They never spoke to each other again. And when Ike Turner passed away in 2007, Tina's representative released this statement:

Tina knows that Ike passed away today. She hadn't spoken to him in 35 years. No further comment will follow.

The first couple of albums Tina released after her breakup with Ike were not particularly successful. And then a new phase in her life began - her popularity in the U.S. was dropping, while in Europe it was rising. She gave large-scale concerts in the Old World, while in America she maintained her status with small gigs.

But by the mid-1980s Tina was "rehabilitated" at home - in 1984 the single What's Love Got to Do With It? At first radio stations did not even want to air this legendary song. But Tina's manager insisted that the song be promoted better. The result was not long in coming - soon the song hit the first place of Billboard Hot 100. In the same year, the album Private Dancer was released, which became the most successful in Turner's career.

Little by little the personal life of the singer was improving - in 1985 she met musician Ervin Bakh (he, by the way, 17 years younger than her). They started dating, and after some time to live together.

Tina's career developed in the movies - she starred in "Mad Max 3" (many critics agreed that the work was very successful) and released the soundtrack to the movie.

Tina Turner was becoming more and more successful - the singer was gradually turning into a "living legend". In 1986 she released her autobiography, in which she spoke about the early years and life with Ike. Soon Tina got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and after a while she performed in front of the largest audience ever paid - 188 thousand people came to her concert in Rio.

Mick Jagger and Tina Turner

With David Bowie.

In 1991, Ike and Tina Turner were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And in the same year Tina released a compilation of her greatest hits.

Two years later, a movie was made about Tina Turner called What Love Is Done. It was based on Turner's book Me, Tina. Of course, she had prepared the soundtrack herself. And the main actors - Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett - were nominated for an Oscar.

In the 1990s, Tina never thought of leaving the stage. She recorded albums, soundtracks (notably for the Bond film GoldenEye), toured, and appeared on TV. She announced the end of her stage career in 2000 - her last Twenty Four Seven Tour was more than successful. But Turner nevertheless stayed on the radar: in 2004, she released a collection of new songs that went platinum. In 2005, the movie Invisible Children (one of the songs on the soundtrack was sung by Turner) was released.

In 2007, Tina returned to the stage, or rather, for the first time since 2000, she performed at a major event, it was a charity concert in London. In early 2008, she sang with Beyoncé at the Grammy Awards, and in 2008-2009 she went on an anniversary tour.

Beyoncé and Tina Turner

Since the mid-1980s, Turner has lived in Europe, "moving" between England, France and Switzerland. Hopefully, the air of the Old World is doing her good - we wish her a long life and, of course, creativity.

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