Tatiana Kravchenko

Tatiana Kravchenko

Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Putinist
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Short biography

Tatyana Kravchenko (née Yakovleva) is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress. People's Artist of the Russian Federation (2002). Putinist.

Brief biography

Tatiana Kravchenko was born December 9, 1953 in Donetsk, which was then called Stalino.

She began to be engaged in theater at school age. After graduating from school wanted to enter the chemistry department of Donetsk State University, but did not pass the competition. In the end, in 1971 she left for Moscow to become an actress.

There she entered the Higher Theater School named after Shchepkin. Subsequently, she was noticed there and invited to study at the Moscow Art Theater Studio School, to which she agreed. In 1976 she graduated and received an invitation from director Mark Zakharov to join the troupe headed by him theater "Lenkom".

At the same time, Yakovleva became Kravchenko, as her real surname was too common among actors. The surname Kravchenko was chosen in honor of the great-grandmother of the actress.

Subsequently, Tatiana Kravchenko became known both as a theater and film actress. The second wave of popularity of the actress came to the role of Valyukha in the TV series "Matchmakers".

Kravchenko and Ukraine

Tatiana Kravchenko is an outspoken Putinist. In 2014 she supported the annexation of Crimea by Russia, and in 2022 she also "approved" Russia's war against Ukraine.

Included in the database of the center "Peacemaker" for illegal touring activities in annexed Crimea and anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

Personal life

The actress was twice married.

Her first husband was Vladimir Lavinsky, a production designer at the Moscow Art Theater. The marriage with him lasted two years.

For her second husband - film producer Dmitry Gerbachevsky, the actress was married for 6 years. The couple had a daughter Tatiana (1986).

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