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Short biography

SoloKha is a popular Ukrainian pop singer.

Brief biography

Initially SoloHa(real name - Teresa Balashova) performed under the creative pseudonym Teresa Frank.

She won the "Spring Wave" festival in 2006.

In 2010 she won theCrystal Microphone award.

In 2011, she actively cooperated with the TV channel"OTV" and hosted the popular show "Fashionable Truth". In addition, she was the author of a separate regular column "Star parents visiting Teresa Frank" in the magazine "Mama-info".

The singer changed her creative stage image at the end of 2015, turning from Teresa Frank to SoloHa at the insistence of her producer Vladimir Bebeshko, known for producing the epathetic musical group "Soaring Underpants"

Since then, SoloKha has recorded a total of twenty-two songs, having managed in just a few years to gather a real army of fans and admirers around her. SoloHa's songs can be downloaded on such famous online resources as GooglePlay, iTunes, Amazon and SoundCloud. Among SoloHi's compositions, the most popular are:

  • "Not that one".

  • "Shastya".

  • "Za zhyttya".

  • "Budu lubiti".

  • "Bun."

  • "Omana."

  • "Mamo Ya Durna."

  • "Gay, New Year's Eve."

  • "Zirka lnstagram."

  • "Stiope."

But the main fame SoloHa acquired thanks to her bright and unusual video clips. Among them should be especially noted the videos filmed for the songs "Stiopa", "Bun", "Mamo, I'm bad" and "Blidnesenka".

Personal life

The singer is married. She has a daughter, Ariana.

Activity in the network

In addition to the official website of SoloKha, where her new clips and songs, advertisements and announcements of numerous concerts and the latest news about the singer's life and career appear, SoloKha can also be found in almost all popular social networks and various media resources.

  • Facebook. There are almost three thousand people subscribed to SoloHa's Facebook page.

  • Twitter. On Twitter , SoloHa has been on Twitter since 2016.

  • Instagram. The appearance of new photos of SoloHa in Instagram is followed by more than 230 thousand regular readers.

  • YouTube. The singer's YouTube channel has been running since 2016 and as of 2019 has already gained more than one and a half million views.

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