Sergiy Vatamaniuk

Sergiy Vatamaniuk

Ukrainian boxing coach
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SergiyVatamaniuk is a Ukrainian boxing coach.

Who is Sergiy Vatamaniuk

Sergiy Vatamaniuk is the vice-president of the Kiev organization of the Ukrainian Boxing Federation, a well-known boxing coach in Ukraine and in the world.

Sergiy Vatamaniuk became famous first of all as a trainer of two Ukrainian boxing stars - Oleksandr Usik and Denis Berinchyk.

In addition, Sergiy Vatamanyuk has been in charge of one of the largest Kyiv state sports complexes owned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Sports Committee) for four years.

It was thanks to Sergiy Vatamaniuk's mentorship that Oleksandr Usik scored his key victories, the most famous of which was the fight against Caesar David Krens, which took place in Odessa in 2014. In addition, it should be noted that it was under the mentorship of Sergey Vatamaniuk that Oleksandr Usik won the WBC world title, which allowed him to reach the finals of the Super Series.

In turn, in Denis Berinchik's team Sergey Vatamaniuk performed the duties not only as a coach, but also as a manager of the famous boxer.

The departure of students from Sergei Vatamaniuk

In April 2018, Denis Berinchik published a short video statement on his Instagram page, in which he said that he refused to cooperate with Sergei Vatamaniuk as a coach. Initially Berinchik did not explain the reasons for this decision to anyone, but later did give the press a comment. Denis Berinchik stated that Sergei Vatamanyuk did not pay enough attention to him, mainly engaged in working with Alexander Usik.

However, in July of the same 2018 year, Alexander Usik, whom Vatamaniuk trained for a full five years, said that he was ending cooperation with Sergei Vatamaniuk as his trainer. Alexander Usik told the press that Vatamaniuk was "not a real coach, but only helped in some things", and that Sergey Vatamaniuk "did not let Usik develop".

As a result, already for the next famous fight of Alexander Usik - against Russian Murat Gassiev - the Ukrainian boxer was preparing under the supervision of a completely different trainer.

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