Sergey Lazarev

Sergey Lazarev

Russian singer and actor, former member of the group Smash
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Sergey Vyacheslavovich Lazarev (born April 1, 1983, Moscow, RSFSR) is a popular Russian singer, former member of the duet "Smash!!!", theater actor.


Sergey Lazarev was born on April 1, 1983 in Moscow. Since the age of 6 years was engaged in artistic gymnastics, but soon realized that sports is not exactly what he wanted to do in life. From the age of 9 to 11 Sergei sang in the ensemble named after V. S. Loktev. V. S. Loktev. At the same time he played in the Pokrovsky Theater. In 1995 Sergei became one of the members of the children's ensemble "Neposedy". As part of "Neposedy" Sergei took part in famous television programs and festivals, and in 1997 he won the children's musical competition "Morning Star". In the same year, he starred in the television humor magazine "Eralash".


In 1999 Sergei became a student of the leading theatrical university of the country - the Moscow Art Theatre Studio School, and in 2003 graduated with honors. In 2001, Sergei together with his friend and longtime colleague in "Neposedads", Vlad Topalov, became a member of the musical project "Smash!!!". The idea to make their own duet project came to the guys during their work in the ensemble "Neposedy". The idea was realized when Vlad's mother suggested that the boys record together an aria from the musical "Notre Dam De Paris" as a birthday present for their father.

At first the management of the duo was handled by Simon Napier-Bell, who 20 years ago was the manager of Wham! In August 2002 the guys won the contest "New Wave" in Jurmala. The duo's first video for the song "Belle" stayed at the top of the MTV charts for six months. Despite the huge workload in the group, Sergei found time to play in the play "Romeo and Juliet" at the Pushkin Theater, where he got the lead male role.

In February the long-awaited debut album of the band "Freeway" was released, which almost instantly gained the status of gold (more than one million licensed copies sold). In 2003, in addition to the many awards that Sergei received as part of "Smash!!!", his achievements were joined by the role of Alyosha Karamazov in the play "A Few Days in the Life of Alyosha Karamazov" at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater.

On December 1, 2004 the second and the last album of "Smash!!!" was released. "2nite", and at the end of the year Sergei left the group and began a solo career. The singer signed a contract with the recording company Style Records and started searching and recording material himself. He also returned to his native Pushkin Theater to participate in the play "Lend a Tenor!".

Since the beginning of 2006, Lazarev's first Russian-language composition, the ballad "Even If You Leave", has appeared on the airwaves of Russian radio stations.

At the end of 2005, the expert council of the prestigious theatrical award "Seagull" confirmed the consistency of Sergei as an actor, noting his game at once two statuettes - in the nominations "Breakthrough of the Year" and "Best Love Scene". Recently, Sergei's talent recognized and Oleg Tabakov - Lazarev received the award of the fund of the maestro for "Talented fusion of the art of comedy character actor with the gift of music in the play "Borrow a Tenor".

In 2006 Sergey received the MTV Russia Music Awards in the nomination "Best Performer".

In May 2007 Sergey Lazarev's second album "TV Show" was released.


  • 2005 - Don't be fake

  • 2007 - TV Show


  • 2005 - Eye of the storm

  • 2005 - Lost without your love

  • 2006 - Just because you walk away

  • 2006 - Fake

  • 2006 - Everytime (Remember)

  • 2007 - Shattered dreams

  • 2007 - Tv Or Radio

  • 2007 - Why Love Was Invented


  • 2002 - Should have loved you more (as part of "Smash!!!")

  • 2002 - Belle (as part of "Smash!!!")

  • 2003 - Talk to me (as part of "Smash!!!")

  • 2003 - Freeway (as part of "Smash!!!")

  • 2004 - The one to cry (as part of "Smash!!!")

  • 2004 - Faith (as part of "Smash!!!")

  • 2005 - Eye of the storm

  • 2005 - Lost without your love

  • 2006 - Fake

  • 2006 - Everytime (Remember)

  • 2007 - Shattered dreams

  • 2007 - TV or Radio


  • 1995 - winner of the TV contest of children's songs "Golden Key" (RTR TV channel).

  • 1996 - first place in the contest "Bravo Bravissimo" (Italy).

  • 1997 - winner of the All-Russian contest "Morning Star".

  • 2002 - first place in the international music contest "New Wave" (Latvia) (as part of "Smash!!!").

  • 2003 - "Seagull" theater award in the nominations "Breakthrough of the Year" and "Best Love Scene" (the play "Romeo and Juliet").

  • 2003 - Muz-TV Award in the nominations "Discovery of the Year" and "Best European Sound" (as part of "Smash!!!").

  • 2003 - "Euro-hit" award of radio "Europe plus" (as part of "Smash!!!").

  • 2003 - "Golden Gramophone", "Stopudovy Hit", "LOVE RADIO", "Sound Track" awards (as part of "Smash!!!").

  • 2004 - "Golden Gramophone", "Stoodovy Hit", "Sound Track" (as part of "Smash!!!").

  • 2004 - Muz-TV Award in the nomination "Best Pop Group" (as part of "Smash!!!").

  • 2004 - MTV Russia Music Awards in the nomination "Best Pop Project" (as part of "Smash!!!").

  • 2005 - "Golden Bee" award in the nomination "Best Group" (as part of "Smash!!!").

  • 2006 - Award of Muz-TV channel in nomination "Breakthrough of the Year".

  • 2006 - MTV Russia Music Awards in the category "Best Performer".

Interesting facts

  • On television Sergey often appears not only on stage, but also in various projects of TV channels, for example in the project of Muz-TV channel "To be Sergey Lazarev", in the project of Russia channel "Dancing on Ice" (in which Sergey took the 2nd place), as well as in the project of Channel One "Circus with the Stars", the winner of which Sergey became on May 20, 2007.

  • In the cartoon "Shrek the Third" Sergei voiced the young King Arthur.

  • The famous song "Boys and girls, and their parents..." was recorded by Sergey.

  • As a member of the group "Neposedy" Sergei took part in such famous TV programs and contests as "Guess the melody", "Understand me", "Don't yawn", "Blue Ogonyok", "Slavic Bazaar".

  • On June 1, 2007 Sergey was one of the presenters of the V Annual National Popular Music Awards "Muz-TV 2007".

  • Depeche Mode is one of Sergey Lazarev's favorite bands.

  • On December 9, 2007 Sergey was one of the presenters of the Moscow Annual Telenagrada "Song of the Year 2007".

  • In November 2007, at the closing of the second season of the ice show Dancing on Ice Velvet Season, he presented the single Why They Invented Love.

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