Sasha Zaritskaya

Sasha Zaritskaya

Ukrainian singer, lead singer of the band KAZKA
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Short biography

Oleksandra Z aritskaya is a Ukrainian singer, lead singer of the group KAZKA.

A brief biography of Aleksandra Zaritskaya

Oleksandra Zaritskaya was born in Kharkiv, August 3, 1992.

Sasha Zaritskaya received her higher education at the National University of Law in Kharkiv, from which she graduated in 2014.

Zaritskaya started singing as a child, during her school years. Thus, studying in the tenth grade, Zaritskaya appeared on stage for the first time. And in 2014, after graduation, she took part in the show "The Voice of the Country", where she successfully passed the blind auditions.

Alexandra Zaritskaya and the group KAZKA

In 2017, Sasha Zaritskaya together with Nikita Budash created the band KAZKA, which debuted in March 2017, presenting to the public its first single "Svyata". Totally unexpectedly for everyone, including the band itself, "Svyata" broke into the tops of many Ukrainian radio stations, bringing KAZKA its first fruits of popularity.

In the same year of 2017, KAZKA successfully won the casting of the TV show "X-Factor" on the TV channel "STB" and joined the band coach Andrei Danilko. Unfortunately, the group lost in the fifth broadcast of the season, but immediately after leaving "X-Factor" KAZKA rehabilitated itself, releasing its second song "Diva," which took first place in the iTunes service charts on its debut day. In the same year of 2017, Sasha Zaritskaya and the collective KAZKA won such titles as "Debut of the Year" and "Breakthrough of the Year" in Ukraine.

In 2018, KAZKA released its first album, which the band called "KARMA". Soon after the release of the album, KAZKA broke into the top ten performers according to the Shazam service.

Sasha Zaritskaya at Eurovision

The group KAZKA twice participated in the national selection of Ukraine for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2018, the group was only able to get to sixth place, but in 2019, it made it to third place. After the scandalous refusal of MARUV to participate in Eurovision, related to the openly pro-Russian position of the winner of the National Selection, the group KAZKA was offered to take her place, but the collective made a joint decision to refuse to participate in Eurovision.

Personal life of Sasha Zaritskaya

The singer is not married and her personal relationships do not particularly flaunt.

Activity in the network

In addition to the official website of her band, on the Internet, Alexandra Zaritskaya can be found in the most popular social networks:

  • Facebook. On the personal page of Alexandra Zaritskaya in the social network Facebook is signed by a little more than a thousand regular users.

  • Instagram. The appearance of the latest photos of Sasha Zaritskaya in Instagram is followed by almost three hundred thousand subscribers.

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Group KAZKA originally 'invited' Putin in The Hague, which raised the Ukrainians' spirits. Photo

Group KAZKA originally "invited" Putin in The Hague, which raised the Ukrainians' spirits. Photo

The band members went to the Netherlands, from where they addressed the Russian dictator