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Salvador Dali - a manwhose life and work provoked in his time real explosions of delight and indignation in society. He became one of the most odious and eccentric figures of the XX century. Born May 11, 1904, Salvador Dali lived to an advanced age, up to 85 years, becoming a contemporary of many changes in art and society. And often the cause of those changes.

"Surrealism is Me!", a phrase Dalí threw in 1936 after a quarrel and exclusion from the Surrealist group, today no longer seems too presumptuous. Painter and graphic artist, sculptor and director, one of the most colorful and famous Surrealists, Salvador Dalí created resonance in all areas of art, where he began his activity.

Like a magician, he juggled images, creating bizarre and often shocking combinations, superimpositions and intertwining. Salvador Dalí's paintings amazed contemporaries with the realism of fictional subjects.

Performed in the inherently grotesque manner and imbued with the spirit of unreality, the paintings "The Permanence of Memory", "Blazing Giraffe", "Soft Clock", "Dream, inspired by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate, a moment before waking up" became a hallmark of his work.

Dalí's works look modern even today: you can make sure of it by watching an excerpt of the movie "Andalusian Dog" or... by looking at "Chupa Chups", the packaging of which was drawn by Dalí in half an hour when he was approached by the owner of the candy factory Enrique Bernat.

Dalí's life and worldview are shrouded in an invisible veil of secrecy - even though he led a public life.
The book "The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí, written by himself", published in 1944, shows the reader the world through the eyes of the master. And the book "Diary of a Genius", with its shocking frankness, provoked in society a new round of scandals around Dali.

In the photos, Dali appears before us as the king of epatage. His mustache, which cannot be confused with anything else, is a worthy addition to his already colorful image.

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