Oleg Filimonov

Oleg Filimonov

humorist, candidate for mayor of Odessa
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Short biography

Oleg Filimonov is a famous Ukrainian humorist, Doctor of Philological Sciences. Honored and People's Artist of Ukraine. In 2020 - candidate for mayor of Odessa from the party "Servant of the People" in the local elections to be held on October 25.

Brief biography

Oleg Filimonov was born on February 26, 1952 in Nikolaev.

In 1968 he graduated from Nikolaev school № 22. In his childhood years he was fond of music and studied at a music school. Later he was a musician in restaurants, playing guitar, saxophone, and keyboard instruments.

He received his higher education at Mechnikov University in Odessa, graduating from the Faculty of Romano-Germanic Philology.

In 1985 he received the scientific degree of Candidate of Philological Sciences (Doctor of Philosophy in the field of linguistics according to the modern qualification). Subsequently, he also defended his doctoral thesis.

Filimonov was also a lecturer at his native university for twenty years and headed the Department of Romano-Germanic Philology.

At the same time, Filimonov was a famous humorist, a member of the KVN team "Odessa Gentlemen", as well as the host and scriptwriter of several television shows. Among the most famous: "Gentleman Show", "Masky Show", "Filimonov and Company", "Naked and Funny".

Filimonov also played in the theater.

Political career

In August 2020 it became known that Filimonov will nominate his candidacy for the post of mayor of Odessa. In the elections he will be supported by the presidential party "Servant of the People". According to Filimonov himself, the proposal to become a candidate for mayor was voiced to him personally by President Vladimir Zelensky.


Filimonov is twice married. With his second wife - Larissa married in 1980. The eldest daughter from his first marriage Victoria lives in the United States, where she raises two daughters.

The youngest - Karina also lived in the U.S., but later returned to Odessa. Raises a son.

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"It's a horror, we don't know what to do." Oleg Filimonov on the causes of the sudden death of his friend and artist Yevhen Khait

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