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Natalia Yusupova

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NataliaYusupova is a Ukrainian volunteer, blogger and businesswoman.

Who is Natalia Yusupova

Natalia Yusupova is a famous Ukrainian volunteer and blogger, owner of a real estate agency in Dnipro, socialite. She is the former wife of the People's Deputy Dmytro Vetvitsky.

She was born in Dnipro, studied first at the Chemical Technology Institute of Dnipro, and later at the Psychology Department of Dnipro National University.

For a long time she was engaged in charity work.

In 2012, she appeared on TV, becoming the heroine of the reality show of the TV channel " 1+1" "Therich also cry".

She directly participated in the Revolution of Dignity as a volunteer, providing as much help as possible to the protesters.

After the annexation of Crimea and the beginning of the war in Donbass, Natalia Yusupova began to help the wounded. She spends a huge amount of time in hospitals, spends large sums to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers, collects charitable funds online and in real life not only to solve medical issues, but also for a variety of parcels to AFU fighters.

Personal life

Natalia Yusupova married for the first time at the age of nineteen and left with her husband to Germany. However, the marriage soon broke up and Yusupova returned back to Ukraine.

Natalia Yusupova's second husband is a Ukrainian people's deputy of the sixth convocation Dmytro Vetvitsky. From Vetvitsky, Natalia Yusupova has a son, Alexander, whose godmother is Yulia Tymoshenko. In marriage, the couple lived five years.

Natalia Yusupova's blog

In addition to regular reports on volunteer activities and reports on fundraising to help wounded soldiers and frontline units of the AFU, in her posts Natalia Yusupova writes a lot about both the political situation in the country and volunteer life. Her Facebook page is full of stories about the wounded and how volunteers work.

Online activity

Natalia Yusupova's main online activity is on Facebook. Natalia Yusupova's Facebook page is subscribed by almost fifty thousand people. In addition, Natalia Yusupova has a page in the social network Instagram.

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Where the Ukrainian Armed Forces are on the offensive, the fighters are waiting for help

Where the Ukrainian Armed Forces are on the offensive, the fighters are waiting for help

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