Murat Nalcaggioglu

Murat Nalcaggioglu

Turkish and Ukrainian businessman. Former husband of Ani Lorak.
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Short biography

MuratNalcagioglu is a businessman, former husband of Ani Lorak.

Brief biography

Murat Nalcagioglu was born on June 12, 1977, in Turkey, in the resort city of Antalya.

Worked as a manager of one of the largest resort hotels in Turkey. He owns a stake in Turtess Travel, a popular Turkish tourist operator.

In 2006, Murat Nalcagioglu moved to Kiev, where he also engaged in the entertainment business. Now he owns a popular restaurant The Lounge & Mangal and a beach complex in Koncha Zaspa called Biruza Beach Club. In addition, Murat Nalcaggioglu is the owner of a nightclub, and at the same time a restaurant, Dali Park.

Murat Nalcaggioglu and Ani Lorak

With Ani Lorak Murat Nalcagioglu met at a Turkish resort in Antalya, in 2005. For a long time the couple communicated only by phone or Internet, until finally, in 2006, Murat Nalcagioglu did not move to the Ukrainian capital.

Wedding between Ani Lorak and Murat Nalcagioglu took place three years later, in 2009. The official registration was held in Ukraine, in Kiev, but the luxurious and lavish gala part took place in Turkey.

In 2011, Ani Lorak gave birth to a daughter from Murat Nalcaggioglu. The name of the daughter - Sofia - was given by Murat Nalcagioglu himself.

Since 2011, the media have been spreading rumors of discord and quarrels in the family of Lorak and Nalcagioglu. The loudest scandal in the network broke out in 2018, when Murat Nalcagioglu was filmed in his own establishment Dali Park with Ukrainian Instagram star Yana Belyaeva in very close communication. Both Belyaeva and Nalcagioglu even had to block the possibility of comments on their pages in Instagram, Facebook and other social networks to protect themselves from the angry attacks of detractors.

In 2019 Ani Lorak and Murat Nalcagioglu divorced after all.

Activity on the network

  • Facebook. A page in Facebook Murat Nalcagioglu leads since 2013th year.

  • Instagram. The appearance of new photos and Instagram-stories of Murat Nalcaggioglu in Instagram is followed by more than sixty thousand regular subscribers.

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