Miroslav Gai

Miroslav Gai

Officer, volunteer, military journalist
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Myroslav Gai is an actor, volunteer, head of the charity organization "Peace and Co Foundation".

He was born on June 5, 1982 in Kiev. In 1998 he entered the Kyiv Institute of Theatrical Arts named after Karpenka-Karolyi. After graduating from the Institute for 15 years he studied acting and television acting. Actor of the Kiev Drama Theater "Bravo" (leading roles - in "Fantasies of Faryatiev"; "The Bear" by A. Chekhov). Among the most popular roles in cinema: "Breakthrough" (2006), "Return of Mukhtar-5" (2009), "Trap" (2009), "Efrosinya" (2010-2013), "Return of Mukhtar-7" (2011), "Brother for Brother-3" (2014), "Migratory Birds" (2014), "Beach" (2014), as well as "With a stool through the Himalayas" (2007) and "Search for Truth" (TV channel "STB", 2007-2011).

Since 2007 Miroslav Gai has been a teacher of acting and TV presenter mastery on STB TV channel.

After the Maidan riots he started active volunteer work.

In July 2016, he completed the first experimental course of training of reserve officers for ATO participants at the National University of Defense of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky and received the specialty of commander of mechanized units and the first officer rank.

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