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Michael Jagger was born on July 26, 1943, in Dartford, Kent County. His father worked as a physical education teacher, and his mother was involved in the Conservative Association. Michael attended the London School of Economics and Political Science. School was of no interest to Michael, the only thing he enjoyed was singing lessons. He tried to sing as loudly as possible, and once he got so carried away that he bit off the tip of his tongue. He soon left school because the Rolling Stones band he formed with Brian Jones and Keith Richards was becoming more and more popular.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards first met on the playground. In 1958, Jagger became a member of the blues band Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys. Keith enrolled in art school, where he met Mick's old friend and fellow Little Boy Blue member Dick Taylor. When Mike and Keith met again, the comrades agreed that Keith should audition for Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys. In 1961 Mike Jagger became Mick Jagger. By then Brian Jones had left The Ramrods, where he played alto saxophone, and moved to London. He took a job as a guitarist at Blues Incorporated, dreaming of forming his own band, where he wanted to invite his friend and colleague, blues pianist Ian Stewart. Charlie Watts also played in Blues Inc. At the end of the year, Brian's acquaintance with Mick and Keith occurred. They often played together, also engaging Dick Taylor and Ian Stewart.

In 1962, the name "Rolling Stones" first flashed in Jazz News. And on July 12, the first official performance of the band took place in London's Marquee Club. In September, Dick Taylor left the team. And in December Bill Wyman officially joined the band as a bass player. In January 1963 Charlie Watts joined the Stones, replacing Mick Avery.

The image Jagger created on stage is unique. His voice, at times rough, at times feminine and soft, thick lips, lustful smile, unambiguous sexual movements at concerts in front of crowds of thousands, aggression, energy, and at the same time, goofiness and crankiness - all this made Jagger one of the most popular rock frontmen. Jagger's services in the musical field were appreciated - for his 60th birthday Jagger was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

He was married to supermodel Jerry Hall.

In an interview, Mick Jagger, comparing 1968 and 1998, said that sex used to come first in the trio of "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll," but now drugs take its place. Now Jagger has announced that he is giving up drinking, smoking and drugs. The reason for this decision was concern about his own health, because Jagger is no longer young. "I value my good name and I don't want to be seen as an old wreck. After all, we're still "stars", albeit with the status of "living legends"!" - said Mick Jagger.

In 2010 Mick Jagger created a new band called "Super Heavy". It consists of Meek, former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart, Bob Marley's youngest son Damian, singer Joss Stone and Indian composer A. R. Rahman, known for his soundtracks to the Danny Boyle movies "Slumdog Millionaire" and "127 Hours". Sources close to the musicians say Super Heavy has recorded a number of songs and even filmed a music video for the song Miracle Worker.

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