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If modern fashion has a face, it's Kate Moss' feline face. And it's not so much her incredible plasticity as her phenomenal flair for the changing pulse of the industry. Catching it, according to John Galliano, she makes familiar things look new. Muse, model, designer and style icon, Moss is a weathervane predicting rather than showing where the winds of fashion are blowing.

1974 Kate Moss was born in 1974 in the southern suburbs of London. Doesn't make much progress at school, except in sports. Her parents divorce when she is 13. A year later, Moss and her mother return from a vacation in the Bahamas; on a layover at New York's JFK airport, the girl is spotted by modeling agent Sarah Dukas. "She looked so airy, so transparent." An offer to come to a casting call follows immediately, and Moss accepts, though she is complexed about her appearance.

1989 Despite a decent portfolio, Moss struggles to find work. Her short stature - 189cm - and boyish figure do not correlate with the beauty canons of the 80s. Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista set the tone on the catwalks. Kate is terribly troubled by her small breasts and skinny arms: "When Corrine Day, the photographer, asked me to take my shirt off, I almost cried. Nevertheless, she manages to model part-time and even did a shoot for The Face. Fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti catches the eye of a stag with she-wolf eyes. He becomes her boyfriend; Kate enthusiastically immerses herself in the party life.

1992 Moss and Sorrenti fly to the USA to meet with the casting director of Calvin Klein's new advertising campaign. The contract is immediately signed. In 1993 the world saw billboards showing half-naked Moss and Mark Wahlberg in the brand's underwear. Soon Kate was filming nudes for a campaign of Obsession fragrance. "This is a new type of beauty," Klein enthuses. - Not a sporty superwoman, but something more sensual, fragile. She looks like a woman and a child at the same time. It's that type of sexuality that fascinates." The audience is both mesmerized and shocked. Moss reveals an aesthetic of "heroin chic"; in response they hear accusations of exploiting the image of the emaciated waif and advertising anorexia. Posters of the model are adorned with graffiti: "Feed Me." Kate, who is stingy with interviews, will have a long time to justify herself: "What does anorexia have to do with it? Even if I start to overeat, I'm not going to get fatter." Fashion for the notorious chic criticized Bill Clinton himself, saying, "not pretty at all. However, subtle girls are taking over the entire industry. That same year Moss made her Vogue debut - since then she has appeared on almost thirty covers of the British publication.

In1994 Moss became not only a darling of the critics and a muse of the designers, but also an important character in the society pages. The public closely followed the development of her romance with actor Johnny Depp. The picturesque couple lives in a mode of "sex, drugs, rock and roll", spreading hotel rooms and swearing to each other in eternal love. Their relationship lasts four years. In 1998, the fashion show, filming and endless parties bring Moss to the nervous exhaustion. The star goes to rehab. "I've been working and partying too much," the supermodel admits. - I don't like where this is going. I decided to take a break, evaluate my life and my future." At the clinic, Moss accidentally starts a fire in her room by not looking after her meditation candle. After her treatment, she announced that she had not been sober for ten years. The first Versace show in Milan draws the most flattering reviews. Moss looks fresher than ever, although she still weighs less than 50 kilos.

2002 On September 29, Moss and Jefferson Heck, co-publisher of the British magazine Dazed & Confused, have a daughter. "When Lila Grace came into the world, I felt like I finally had a partner in crime." Artist Tracy Emin admits to Vanity Fair, "Kate is one hell of a mother. She's always on top of things."

2004 It's been ten years since the anorexia commercial hysteria. Kate's influence on public taste can be seen in the mass fashion of skinny jeans. It takes on the character of a pandemic when Moss shows up in this outfit - pants tucked into boots - at a music festival. She also managed to popularise uggs, ballerinas, Alexander McQueen scarves, Balenciaga handbags and countless other items with equal ease.

2005 After breaking up with Heck, Moss returns to the "bad boys." Her new crush is Pete Doherty, frontman of the British band The Babyshambles. Soon Moss wins a lawsuit against the Sunday Mirror: the newspaper published a news story that the star lost consciousness after a cocaine overdose in Barcelona. In September, the Daily Mirror published a front page picture of Moss snorting cocaine in a London music studio. The photos were sold to the newspaper by a friend of Dougherty. The model immediately lost contracts with H&M, Burberry, Chanel and other brands, incurring millions in losses. The model is defended by her colleagues: Naomi Campbell calls the article "a banal vendetta", and Alexander McQueen appears in a T-shirt that reads "We love you, Kate". Before going to the clinic, Moss makes a discreet public apology. Just a month later, in November, Kate returns to work and dumps - not for the last time - Pete Doherty. On the sympathies of the public, however, cocaine scandal did not affect: a portrait of a nude model work Lucien Freud sold a little less than 4 million pounds.

2006 Contrary to predictions, there is an unprecedented crescendo in Moss' career: ten major advertising campaigns are planned for the autumn, including Burberry. Kate wins the British Fashion Awards as Model of the Year, and Karl Lagerfeld calls her the main face of modern fashion: "everyone wants to be like her, but no one can become her." Contrary to engagement rumors, Moss is breaking up with Doherty. Her tastes were not affected by the split: her new boyfriend becomes The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince.

2007 In May, Kate launches her own collection of 80 items for TopShop. "The modeling profession is a little brain-destroying," she later admits. - I had to learn something new. Especially since I hadn't noticed too many times that designers were copying what I was wearing. So I said to myself, 'I can do this. A month before the sale, Moss appears on the cover of British Vogue in her own $106 black brocade short dress. Her contribution to the collection is limited to sketching, campaigning, and, of course, being true to her style - designers are primarily inspired by her outfits. At first the press response was muted, with some criticizing the pieces for the fact that they only fit Moss. But the collaboration with TopShop is a huge success. That same year, taking a long-standing advice from her friend Stella McCartney, Kate launched Kate by Kate fragrance and made Time's list of the one hundred most influential people in fashion: "After working in the industry for almost twenty years, Moss manages to stay on the cutting edge. It's not just her ability to perform and her looks, but her uncanny knack for spotting trends.

2008 At the British Museum, sculptor Mark Quinn exhibits a statue, "The Siren," depicting Moss in an intricate asana. "The Aphrodite of our time" is made of solid gold. Sculptures of this size have not been made since Ancient Egypt, but such luxury seems quite adequate to Kate's contribution to the fashion industry.

2009 Moss' interests are not limited to work. The model promises to sing a duet with Jamie Hince (she did a similar trick with Pete Doherty and Primal Scream), write a cookbook and an autobiography. When asked if she's considering quitting the business, Moss admits she's not at all: "Here, that's my thing. I have to be me, otherwise I'm just being paranoid.

In September 2009 Kate Moss appeared for the first time on the cover of Vogue Russia.

2010 Her collaboration with Topshop brought her over 5.2 million dollars. Philip Green, the owner of the brand, thanked Moss for the work and said it was "fantastic". But, according to him, Topshop began to take more and more time from the model, and she wanted to try herself in other projects. According to The Daily Telegraph, the two sides parted "amicably". At the same time, Green did not rule out the possibility of more work with Moss in the future. Kate released a total of fourteen collections in collaboration with the brand, which proved to be very popular with customers, despite the higher price range of the line, compared to conventional collections. At the same time Kate is working with the brand Longchamp - released a few successful collections of handbags, which she is happy to go with herself. " I like making money, but I'm not hung up on it," Kate admitted in 2008. - I still act like I'm 17 years old. I never grew up. I have a house and a daughter and everything I'm supposed to have - but I still like to have fun. Even my business is fun.

In 2011 Kate kept up the pace, shooting the Mango ad campaign with Terry Richardson and a 60-page story with Mario Testino for Vogue Brazil. In May, Moss graces the Dior Addict lipstick campaign. In June, Rimmel announces that Kate is back as the face of the brand, and will also release a joint cosmetics line. But the big news is the model's wedding, which is scheduled for July 1. The menu, guest list and, of course, the bride's dress are discussed by the whole world.

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