Kakha Kaladze

Kakha Kaladze

Former soccer player and mayor of Tbilisi
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Short biography

Kakhaber Karlovich Kaladze (Kakha Kaladze) - Former soccer player, mayor of Tbilisi

Short Biography

Kakha Kaladze was born on February 27, 1978, in Samtredia, Georgia.

Kakha Kaladze started his club career in soccer at FC Dinamo (Tbilisi) in 1993.

In 1998, Kakha Kaladze was bought by FC Dynamo Kiev for $285,000, and played two and a half years for the Ukrainian capital club.

In 2001, Kakha Kaladze moved to Italian FC Milan. His contract worth was sixteen million euros. However, most of the nine years that Kaladze was listed at AC Milan, he spent on the bench.

In 2010, Kaladze signed a free transfer to Genoa (Genoa). This club was the last one for the player. In 2012, Kakha Kaladze announced that he was ending his sports career.

In addition, Kakha Kaladze played for the Georgian national soccer team from 1993 till 2011.

Sporting achievements of Kakha Kaladze

Kakha Kaladze is a four-time winner of the title "Footballer of the Year" in Georgia.

Besides, under his management FC Dynamo (Kiev) has become the champion of the Ukrainian Premier League three times and the winner of the Ukrainian Football Cup three times.

Kakha Kaladze - politician

In 2012 Kakha Kaladze successfully ran for the Georgian Parliament on behalf of the political force "Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia", which at that time was in opposition to the incumbent power. Soon after that, in the same year, Kaladze became Minister of Energy and Deputy Prime Minister of the Georgian government.

In 2017, Kakha Kaladze won the elections of the mayor of the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

Personal life

The sportsman is married. Kakha Kaladze's wife is Anuki Areshidze. The married couple is raising four children.

Online activity

On the Internet, Kakha Kaladze can be found on the following resources:

  • Facebook: almost four hundred thousand people are subscribed to Kaladze's personal Facebook page.

  • Instagram: 186,000 people follow Kakha Kaladze's Instagram page where he posts photos of himself with his family, at home and on vacation, at various events and performances.

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