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Today is the birthday of a wonderful girl, a real role model, daughter of the famous Donald Trump and model Ivana Zelnichkova, Ivanka Trump. She is turning 29 years old.

Ivanka Trump is flawless in many ways. She has great genes: her mom is a beauty, a former model, and her dad is one of the biggest business tycoons and richest people on the planet, Donald Trump. And Ivanka was lucky - nature did not rest on her. On the contrary, the girl took from her parents only the best - from her father's business acumen and intelligence, and from her mother, of course, charm and luxurious appearance. In general, wherever you look, the ideal.

Donald and Ivanka Trump

Ivanka is difficult to classify as "golden youth". According to her stories, since childhood, the money that her father gave her was calculated to the cent. And already at the university, Ms. Trump paid her own bills. By the way, Ivanka graduated from a prestigious school, after which she entered the Faculty of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. In parallel with her studies, Ivanka began to work - then she used her appearance as a source of income, was a model. The first cover with Ivanka came out in 1997 - she starred for Seventeen magazine. Then she participated in the campaigns of Tommy Hilfiger and Sassoon Jeans, and also went on the catwalk at the shows of major fashion houses, including Versace.

However, after graduating from university, she announced the end of her modeling career. Soon the girl joined the family business.

Ivanka with her brother, Donald Trump Jr. and father

As it turned out, the spectacular blonde can perfectly supervise business projects. Moreover, the younger Trump worked on a par with the older one. Ivanka is considered one of the main workaholics of New York. In her numerous interviews, Trump admitted that she works at least 13 hours a day, including weekends. This eventually led the girl to the top of her father's company, she now holds the position of vice president.

In addition to The Trump Organization, Ivanka is also involved in her own business projects. She launched a line of jewelry, and then got involved in handbags and shoes. She creates bags in collaboration with the Mondani brand.

For a long time, Trump was considered the most enviable bride in the United States, if not the world. However, a little over a year ago, she became Mrs. Kushner. She married New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner. The wedding was perfect - a beautiful bride in a Vera Wang dress and in jewelry of her own design, a charming groom, more than 500 guests.... In general, everything in the best traditions.

Ivanka and Jared

Spouses at the Yankees game

Jared and Ivanka also seem to be doing great in their family life. Both continue to go about their business while still supporting each other. For instance, Ivanka is a huge fan of the TV series Gossip Girl. She was offered a cameo in one of the series, and Jared agreed to star there with his wife. By the way, this episode was released on October 25. So if you want to see the screen debut of today's birthday girl - you have this opportunity.

A still from the "Gossip Girl" episode featuring Ivanka and Jared.

It's hard to imagine what to wish for a woman who already has everything. Except that her future children do just as well as their mom.

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