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Short biography

Winner of the César Award for Best Actor (1981, for the film "The Last Metro") Winner of the Venice Film Festival Prize for Best Actor (1985, for the film "The Police") Winner of the Cannes Film Festival Prize for Best Actor (1990, for the film "Cyrano de Bergerac") Winner of the César Award for Best Actor (1991, for the film "Cyrano de Bergerac") Winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor (1991, for the film "A Residence") Winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor (1991, for the film "Cyrano de Bergerac"), Winner of the Golden Globe Award as best actor (1991, for the film "Cyrano de Bergerac") Winner of the prize "Golden Globe" as the best actor (1991, for the film "Residence Permit") Winner of the Venice Film Festival Prize "Golden Lion" for outstanding achievements in cinema (1997) Knight of the Legion of Honor (1996) Winner of the Special Prize XXVIII IFF for achieving the pinnacle of acting and loyalty to the traditions of the school of K. Stanislavsky "I believe. Stanislavsky "I believe. Konstantin Stanislavsky" (2006)

Criminal childhood

Gerard Depardieu was born December 27, 1948 in the small town of Chateauroux. His father, who worked as a roofer, often drank and constantly quarreled with his wife. She was engaged in the household and gave birth to children. One after another (besides Gerard, there were five hungry mouths in the family). His mother did not have enough time to bring up her children... Gerard was brought up on the street - the world of petty thieves, debauchees and drunkards. From an early age, the boy got in touch with criminal elements. Possessing a large build, Depardieu looked older than his age, respectively, and friends he picked up his older. From idleness, they first just hooliganism, participated in fights, smoking pot, and then engaged in theft and car theft. But there is no bad without good. It was in those years Depardieu learned to live with that sense of inner freedom, which later came in handy for him in the acting profession. Thieving tendencies Depardieu no-no, but are sometimes manifested today. The famous actor, now receiving fabulous fees, when visiting, loves something to snatch "for memory", as he himself admits: hands for some reason themselves stretched. They say that once a familiar couple with great difficulty invited him to their social gathering. In one of the rooms he saw a beautiful massive ashtray and, looking around crookedly, tried to shove it in his pocket. Entered the owners, caught him for such an occupation, speechless. Depardieu, muttering something inaudible, hurried home ...

Turn in life

But let's go back to the 60s... At that time there was a NATO military base in Châteauroux. And the local boys were not once involved in scuffles with American soldiers. After one of them Gerard Depardieu was in a comatose state in the clinic. Fortunately, all was well. That's when Gerard realized that it is necessary to change something in his life, otherwise everything can end very sadly. Without saying anything to his family or friends, Gerard went south - to Cannes, where he got a job on the beach. Here he watched the actors gathered at the prestigious Cannes festival. Such a brilliant, alluring, and such a foreign world! At that time, the young man did not think that the time would come and he too would be among them. Returning to Chateauroux, Gerard Depardieu met at the station, an acquaintance who offered him to go to Paris and try himself as an actor. Gerard decided to take a risk...

Paris. Study

Depardieu was 16 years old when he came to Paris and entered the courses of dramatic art of Charles Dulaine. The actor recalls: "The course, which I entered, were paid, and I had to work as a janitor, then the janitor, then the set designer. Sometimes I interrupted with tiny roles in the masses. At that time I lived wherever I could. Sometimes I was fed by a friend, who held a bistro". Here, in Paris, Gerard Depardieu opened for himself completely unknown before the world of theater. Not able to speak correctly provincial as if burst. He began to read avidly catching up. In the classroom showed Gerard's phenomenal memory. From the first time he grasped solid pieces of text. After the course Charles Dulena Depardieu continued his studies at the Paris theater school Theatre National Populaire. And upon its completion, Depardieu, along with his classmates Miu-Miu and Patrick Dewaer entered the troupe of a small amateur theater "Cafe de la Gare" ("Cafe de la Gare").

First love

Studying at the courses of Charles Dulaine, Depardieu met his first love. His fellow student Elizabeth Guinot, a sociologist by education, was 6 years older than Gerard. However, this did not prevent him from falling in love with her at first sight. Depardieu recalls: "Before her, I had no idea what it means to be in love. I did not imagine that you can idolize a woman with whom you sleep. With her, I stopped being a reserved country boy. We couldn't do without each other." A few years later, in 1970, they married....

The beginning of his acting career

In the movies, Gerard Depardieu began to appear sporadically since the mid 60's. His first roles were quite consistent with the established image: beatnik in a short film by Roger Lenardt "Beatnik and the young lady" ("Beatnik et le minet"), nameless hippie in the movie Agnes Varda "Nausicaa". It is safe to say that Depardieu came to the movies in time. These were the years when refined handsome all bored, and for French cinema needed a new stream, capable of attracting a young audience. Type of actor, his characteristic appearance, temperament came, as possible, by the way. Directors immediately dubbed Depardieu new Jean Gabin. In the early 70-ies Depardieu starred in the melodrama Jacques Dere "A little sunshine in cold water" (Pierre, Natalie's brother) on the popular novel by Francoise Sagan, in the crime drama Jose Giovanni "Skumon: Bringing Trouble," in the drama directed by avant-garde Marguerite Duras "Nathalie Grangier" (seller) and several other paintings. Gerard Depardieu, Miu-Miu, Patrick Dewaere in the movie WaltzingNo real glory young actor brought the role of Jean-Claude in a hooligan-provocative tape directed by Bertrand Blier "Waltzing", released in 1973. Actually, such a translation of the slang title of the movie "Les Valseuses", common in Russia, is not correct. The most accurate Russian analog is "Mudozvony", but under this name the movie in our country, of course, no one would miss it, so we agreed on the political correctness of "Waltzing". The movie, which is an afterword to the famous events of 1968, told about the adventures of charming young pranksters and hooligans in search of women, money, cars and pleasure. Together with Gerard Depardieu in Blier starred his friends at the theater school Mew Mew and Patrick Dewaere. Actually, in the movie Depardieu and Dewaere played themselves, as they were just a few years ago. Their heroes, unscrupulous and reckless guys, molested women, robbed passers-by, doing their mischief easily and casually. The movie left no one indifferent. It was scolded, it was admired, and for young people "Waltzing" became a kind of manifesto. Naturally, after such a picture Depardieu literally woke up famous ...

Consolidating success

By the mid 70's began to take shape screen image of Gerard Depardieu - young, angular, charming, but dangerous hooligan. It is in this manner, he appeared before the audience in the role of boxer Jean in the movie by Claude Sauté "Vincent, Francois, Paul and others. The same was Olmo Dalko - peasant leader in the film Bertolucci "XX century" (along with Depardieu in this film starred in the famous Robert De Niro). Gerard Depardieu, Carol Laure, Patrick Dewaere in the film Prepare handkerchiefs to the honor of the actor, he tried not to dwell on one role. Depardieu even then interested in a variety of human characters. He starred as Gerard in the drama Marco Ferreri "The Last Woman" (1976), Raoul in a sad and mischievous comedy Bertrand Blier "Prepare handkerchiefs" (1978) and other films. Sometimes it is the talent of the actor pulled out knowingly weak pictures, as, for example, in the case of the drama "Baroque", where Depardieu, with his inherent assertiveness and charm, played two roles - boxer Samson and his killer. Very soon the talent of the actor began to be recognized and at various film festivals. The first great success - the prestigious César Film Award - Depardieu brought the role of Bernard Grande in the melodrama Francois Truffaut "The Last Underground.

Master of comedy

Gerard Depardieu in the movie Inspector-razinyAt the beginning of the 80's directors "discerned" the comedic talent of Gerard Depardieu. Soviet viewers remember the great comedy Claude Zidi "Inspector-razinya", in which Depardieu played a criminal Roger Morzini, easily deceived stretchypu-police. No less interesting work was the main role in the screen adaptation of the famous play by French comediographer Moliere "Tartuffe", staged in 1984 by Depardieu himself. But the real success of the actor in the comedy role brought joint work with the inimitable Pierre Richard. They first appeared together in the comedy Francis Weber "Unlucky". Depardieu played there rough and rough private detective, and Richard - an unpredictable accountant, an underdog. The result was a phenomenal duo, which provided the movie a grand success. Following "Unlucky" followed the same pictures Weber - "Daddy" and "The Fugitives", which completed the formation of the image of Depardieu. He turned out to be a truly universal actor, capable of heroic, intellectual, tragic and comic images. Nothing, at the same time, did not prevent him from mixing all the roles in one.

In the status of a star

By the mid-80's Gerard Depardieu was already rightfully considered a star not only of French, but also of world cinema. With equal success, he performed a variety of roles in films of different genres: comedies, dramas, action films. Bright, unforgettable work of the actor was the main role in the film by the famous Polish director Andrzej Wajda "Danton" (1983). Especially worth noting the cooperation of Depardieu with director Blier, whom the actor considers his godfather in cinema. Together they created several wonderful pictures, among them, which caused a scandal at the Cannes Film Festival, the drama "Evening Toilet" (1986). In this film Depardieu played a cheeky homosexual Bob, who invaded the life of a quiet couple. Exotic life in threesomes in the end led the heroes of the movie on the panel. Gérard Depardieu in the movie PoliceA completely different Depardieu appears in another picture Blier - drama "Too beautiful for you" (Trop belle pour toi). His hero Bernard, a wealthy man, unexpectedly for all prefer his aristocratic and divinely beautiful wife ugly, ill-mannered, young and tastelessly dressed secretary. The second half of the 80's marked and other interesting works of the actor. So for the role of Police Commissioner Mangina in the film Maurice Piala "Police" (1986) Depardieu was awarded the prize at the Venice Film Festival. And in 1989 in the movie by Claude Zidi "Two" he played composer Marc Lambert, an incorrigible womanizer, forced for love to reconsider their views on life.

Cyrano de Bergerac

Gerard Depardieu in the movie Cyrano de BergeracThe beginning of the 90's was marked for Gerard Depardieu another great success. We are talking about the movie Jean-Paul Rappno "Cyrano de Bergerac", where Depardieu played the main role. It is worth noting that critics were very skeptical of the choice of the director. They thought that Depardieu is not suitable for this role. But the actor, once again proved that he is amenable to the most different characters. "Cyrano de Bergerac" demonstrated another feature of the actor. By chance or not, but most of his heroes - contemporaries - simple-minded, rude, people. But it is worth Depardieu plunge into history, as the movie turns out to be deeply intellectual. So it happened with "Cyrano", where the problem of the hero, a poet and a soldier is not in the obstacle to love ugliness, but in his outstanding intellect. The picture won a lot of awards, including an Oscar for best costumes, the Palme d'Or in Cannes, the Golden Globe, several Cesars. Depardieu was awarded the prize for Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival. Was Depardieu was honored and another Cesar, but only to get his actor failed. In one of the interviews Gerard got a chance to lapse that in his distant youth, he and a group of comrades raped a 9-year-old girl. People who knew Depardieu closely, swore that he made an unfortunate joke. Nevertheless, the prestigious award went to all the actors who starred in the movie except Depardieu himself.

International career

"Cyrano de Bergerac" was a huge international success, and it was after this picture Depardieu increasingly began to be invited to star in Hollywood. Typage Depardieu perfectly suited to American cinema, and his wide acting range allowed to shoot as a director-comediographers, and directors of intellectuals. His comedic talent Depardieu brilliantly manifested in the lyrical comedy Peter Weera "residence permit" ("Green Card"), where he starred with Andie MacDowell. For the role of George in this film Depardieu was awarded the Golden Globe Award as the best actor. Gerard Depardieu in the movie 1492: The Conquest of ParadiseA as charming Depardieu in the role of French inventor Bogusa in the movie of the same name by Norman Jewison, or in the role of Porthos in the adventure film "The Man in the Iron Mask", shot by Randall Wallace on the novel by Alexandre Dumas! Organized actor and in dramatic roles, such as Columbus in Ridley Scott's epic film "1492: The Conquest of Paradise" or Reynaldo in the screen version of the great "Hamlet". No less loud successes at Depardieu in these years and in European cinema. In a kind family melodrama French director Gerard Lauzier "My Dad - a hero" (1991), he very subtly played Andre - a man who came to the resort with his daughter and forced at her request to hide his paternity. Yes, raising a daughter - not an easy thing, and the hero Depardieu constantly gets into ridiculous situations ... Three years later Depardieu again played the same role in the American version of this movie. In feyericheskogo comedy Jean-Marie Poiret "Between an angel and a demon" Depardieu together with Christian Clavier created a matchless-funny duo, forcing viewers to laugh literally to tears. And in the film adaptation of the world-famous novel by Alexandre Dumas "The Count of Monte Cristo" Depardieu appeared in the image of the protagonist, who appeared almost from the other side of the world to take revenge on his enemies. It is also worth mentioning the brilliant work of the actor in the screen comic book Claude Zidi "Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar" (Obelix), which caused a great stir in the West. A wide resonance with the public caused the role of the great and unfortunate Vatel in the same name ambitious historical drama Roland Joffe, which opened in 2000 another Cannes Festival. For his achievements in world cinema Gerard Depardieu in 1997 was awarded the most prestigious cinematographic prize - the "Golden Lion" of the Venice Film Festival.

In Russian cinema

Gerard Depardieu and Vera Alentova in the movie Envy of the Gods. Russian viewers have a long and very great love for Depardieu. Huge box office in the Soviet era collected movies with his participation: "Unlucky", "Runaways", "Daddy", "Inspector Razinya. In more recent times, a wide success with Russian viewers enjoyed "Cyrano de Bergerac", "The Man in the Iron Mask", "Vatel" ... It is all the more pleasant that so outstanding and loved by our viewers actor "lit up" and in Russian cinema, starring in the 2000 film by Vladimir Menshov "The Envy of the Gods" in a small but quite significant role of a French journalist Bernard. About how Depardieu got into the movie, Menshov recalls with a smile: "Actually, we had an agreement with Belmondo. But at the time at which the shooting was scheduled, he was seriously ill. It became clear that he will not be able to shoot. In the list of possible candidates from the famous French famous Frenchmen we need age category were Delon and Depardieu - he called the first. He gave his consent ... "Flashed the famous actor and in one of the series of our famous "Killing Force" in the role of police commissioner.

Director and producer

Such a bright personality as Gerard Depardieu, could not help but try his hand at directing. In 1984, he put his first picture "Tartuffe", screening the famous play by French playwright Moliere. The main role in the picture Depardieu played himself. Again to direct Depardieu returned 15 years later, filming in 1999, the drama "The Bridge Between Two Shores" (here he acted and as a producer), and in 2006 came out his third picture - "Paris, I Love You". In addition, Depardieu produced the films: "She's Beautiful" (1997), "Honor Your Father" (2002), the series "Napoleon" (2002) and others.

Depardieu and women

Gerard Depardieu and Monica Belucci in the movie How Much Do You Cost? Despite his generally ugly appearance, Depardieu is a huge success with women. And in the movie he happened to star with the most beautiful actresses. In a duet with Catherine Deneuve, he played in "The Last Metro", "The Choice of Arms" and "Fort Sagan", with Marushka Detmers - in the movie by Claude Zidi "Two", with Isabelle Adjani - in the movie "Baroque" and "Camille Claudel", with Andie MacDowell in the movie "Residence Permit", with Monica Belucci in the movie "How Much Are You Worth?". Here's how the actor describes Catherine Deneuve: "Strong shoulders big guy, tattooed star on his forearm, strong, like a crooked eggplant nose, hesitant and simultaneously fervent golden eyes. Sure, he's not handsome. But he has a real masculine strength and charm." It would seem that such a man must constantly be at the center of love stories. However, Depardieu for many years remained faithful to his wife Elizabeth. Depardieu family has always been considered a model of strength. The spouses lived amicably, bringing up two children, the more unexpected was in the 90's news of their divorce. The reason for this was unexpectedly surfaced Gerard connection with a dark-skinned top model Karinne Silla, who gave birth to his daughter Roxanne. Since 1997, Depardieu has a new girl - a beautiful actress Carole Bouquet, the face of the firm "Chanel". According to Depardieu, Carole has only one flaw - jealousy, which, however, is riddled with spoiling his life.

In recent years

Depardieu maintains a furious capacity for work to this day. True, now he mostly plays in unburdensome comedies and television mini-serials, like "Cursed Kings". The last major dramatic role of the actor - in the movie "Nathalie" (2003) directed by Anne Fontaine, where his partners were Fanny Ardant and Emmanuelle Béart. In 2008, the screens will be released in several films with Gerard Depardieu: the next adventures of Asterix and Obelix "Asterix at the Olympics," biographical film directed by Boris Damasta "Antonio Vivaldi," sci-fi thriller Mathieu Kassovitz "Babylon of our era," comedy Fabien Onteniente "Disco", as well as comedy melodrama Russian director Alexander Chernyaev "All May Kings. Depardieu could appear in another Russian movie project - the film by Vladimir Bortko "Taras Bulba". The master of world cinema was to play a major role, but unforeseen circumstances intervened. Famous Ukrainian director Yuri Ilyenko threatened that he would starve himself if the role of Bulba will get a foreigner. Depardieu gave Ilyenko life and about his refusal to play the role announced at the Moscow Film Festival-2007. As a result, the role of Bulba was entrusted to Ukrainian actor Bogdan Stupka. In addition to working in the movie Depardieu seriously engaged in winemaking. Feeling the urge to the land, he bought in the Loire Valley castle XII century and a vast estate of 27 hectares, which is planted with vineyards. Today, his wines are world-renowned. "The taste of wine," Depardieu claims, "easily reveals the imagination and artistic nature of the winegrower. One can immediately distinguish who is creating a divine beverage and who is churning out a commercial product." In 1996, he was awarded the French Legion of Honor for the fact that he gave the London store "Harrods" the rights to sell his signature wine. In return, at the request of the actor store transferred $ 50 thousand to the account of the Paris rehabilitation center for drug addicts. In addition, Depardieu opened two restaurants in Paris and wrote a cookbook (in September 2005 it was published in Britain). And he is also trying himself as a singer - the actor recorded his own CD. What moved him to do this? "I'm tired of repeating other people's words, which were written for me by others, - says Depardieu. - I have dreamed of becoming a pop singer for so long that I have now decided to try." To fame and awards Gerer Depardieu is indifferent: "I am completely devoid of vanity, so I have never sought to make a career. There is nothing more foolish than success. You can not overcome the hundred-meter race in 9.9 seconds in every race." Depardieu's favorite movie role is Cyrano de Bergerac. His character's relics - his sword and hat - are kept in the actor's home. Depardieu's favorite signature wine is also called "Cyrano". Even his youngest daughter he named Roxanne in honor of the beloved Cyrano.


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