Dmytro Sova

Dmytro Sova

Ukrainian theater and film actor, defender of Ukraine
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Short biography

Dmytro Pavlovich Sova is a Ukrainian theater, film and dubbing actor. Defender of Ukraine.

Brief biography

Dmytro Sova was born on July 9, 1983 in Pryluky, Chernihiv region.

As a child he was engaged in children's musical theater under the guidance of Tatyana Pogrebnyak.

He received his higher education at the Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television named after Ivan Karpenko-Kary.

After his studies he became an actor of the theater "Free Stage" - an experimental studio stage under the direction of Dmitry Bogomazov.

Already since 2005, he began acting in movies. Since then he has played in dozens of films and TV series and is loved by the audience.

Sova is the official Ukrainian voice of movie characters actor Jake Gyllenhaal in dubbed translation.

War in Ukraine

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, Dmitry Sova stood up in defense of the homeland.


Dmitry Sova is married to actress Daria Legeida.

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