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Dima Bilan (birth name Viktor Nikolaevich Belan, born December 24, 1981, Karachay-Cherkessia, RSFSR) is a Russian singer. December 24, 1981, Karachay-Cherkessia, RSFSR) is a Russian singer. He represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with the song Never Let You Go, taking second place.


When Vita was 1 year old, the Belanov family moved to Naberezhnye Chelny, at the age of 6 - to the town of Mayskiy in Kabardino-Balkaria, where he graduated from the Music School. His first competition was "Young Voices of the Caucasus". He graduated from Gnesins Mus ical College, specializing as a classical vocal performer. Dima Bilan made his debut when he reached the 4th place at the Russian/Latvian festival "New Wave" in 2002. In 2003, the singer released his debut album called "Night Hooligan", which included such famous tunes as "Caruso " and "Fever ". In 2004, Bilan released a tune that was a raging success, "On the Shore of the Sky," which was also the title of his second album.

The singer's music producer is Yuri Aizenshpis, known for his work with Viktor Tsoi in the Soviet Union. Dima Bilan participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, previously with the song "Not That", in 2005 taking 2nd place in the Russian national selection. In December 2005 Bilan received two golden gramophones for the song "You Should Be Near" (this is the Russian version of "Not, That Simple") in St. Petersburg and Alma-Ata. During the project "New songs about the main thing", the singer received the prize of Channel One from the professional jury. Dima became the man of the year in show business, as the majority of voters gave their votes for him.

At the end of 2005, he accepted an invitation from an American agency, with an offer for him to attend the musical evening "Peter Pan". In December 2005, the music video for the lyrical composition "I Remember You" was filmed in the Botanical Gardens. The clip, it turned out, was fantastic and magical, corresponding to the atmosphere of New Year's Eve. On March 14, 2006 Dima Bilan took part in "Golden Sharmanka", "International Music Awards" in Kiev, where he was awarded as "Singer of the Year". Bilan's song "Never Let You Go" was performed by the singer only there.

Triumph on MTV

On September 21, 2005, Dima Bilan won two prizes in the prestigious Russian MTV Music Awards. He won the awards for Best Performer and Best Actor of the Year. In November Dima was recognized with another award. He won the title of Best Russian Artist in the 2005 MTV European Music Awards held in Lisbon.

Representing Russia in Eurovision

In mid-March 2006, Bilan was selected by Channel One to have the honor of representing Russia in the world's biggest music competition, the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, held that year in Athens. Out of 37 participating countries, Dima came second with the song "Never Let You Go" with the best Eurovision result ever. Russia had achieved a similar feat in 2000, thanks to Russian singer and contestant Alsu, who also placed second.

Dima won 248 points - 44 on account of the victory of the song Hard Rock Hallelujah ( Hard Rock, Hallelujah!) by the musical group from Finland Lordi, and received the maximum 12 points from seven countries: Armenia, Belarus, Finland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. The only countries not giving Dima any points were Monaco and Switzerland.

Dima's work included two dancing ballerinas and a white piano covered in red rose petals, from which a ghost-like female figure appeared halfway through the song (which delighted the audience). Dima wore a white vest with a number representing his place in the contest's show control - 13 and 10 in the semifinals and finals, respectively. Because of Russia's not-so-good result the previous year, Bilan had to acquire qualified for the final in the semifinals on May 18. He prepared in the top ten there (finishing 3rd with 217 points) and moved directly into the final on May 20 as the bookmakers' favorite, after his hard work in the semifinals.

Prior to the contest, the head of Dima's hometown promised to name a street after him if the singer won.



  • Night Hooligan - 2003
  • On the Shore of the Sky - 2004
  • Vremya-reka - 2006


  • I Remember You - 2003
  • It Was Love - 2003
  • Not That Simple - 2004
  • You Should Be There - 2004
  • Never Let
  • You
  • Go - 2006
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