Crown Prince Christian

Crown Prince Christian

Crown Prince of Denmark, Earl of Monpeza
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Short biography

Christian, Crown Prince of Denmark, Count of Mon peza (born Christian Valdemar Henri John) is the heir to the throne of Denmark. The eldest son of King Frederick X and Queen Mary.

Brief biography

Christian was born on October 15, 2005 in Copenhagen. Already on October 21, the boy was hospitalized due to neonatal jaundice. This is a harmless and quite common disease. The prince was examined by doctors, he took blood tests, then spent time in a light box under special colored light beams to break down the bilirubin causing jaundice. He was taken home the same day.

The boy was named Christian Valdemar Henri John, continuing the Danish royal tradition of alternating the names Christian and Frederick in a straight line.

Christian was the first member of the Danish royal family to go to kindergarten. At the same age, his father had a nanny at the palace giving him elementary lessons. He was also the first member of the royal family to attend the Tranegårdskolen public school in Hellerup.

In 2020, Christian, along with his younger siblings, attended a 12-week program at the Lemanja-Verbier International School in Verbier, Switzerland, but his studies were interrupted due to the escalating COVID-19 situation in Denmark.

From 2021, Christian attended the Danish boarding school Herlufsholm, but left the institution in June 2022 because a documentary came out that revealed bullying, violence and sexual abuse at the institution. Christian then transferred to the state-run Ordrup Gymnasium.

Crown Prince of Denmark

Christian is the first in line to the Danish throne and the eldest child of King Frederick X. Since the 16th century, the first-born children of Danish monarchs have traditionally been called Frederick and Christian in turn.

As of January 14, 2024, Christian became crown prince after his grandmother Queen Margrethe II abdicated and his father became king.

Christian holds the title of crown prince of Denmark, Earl of Montpez.

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