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Anti-colorados(Anti-colorados) is a Ukrainian blogger.

Anti-colorados - who is it

Popular Ukrainian blogger, founder of the resource "Line of Defense". Author of more than two thousand articles. Started publishing his materials in June 2015. One of the most popular bloggers in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet. The name, photo and other personal details of Anti-Colorados are kept secret from the public.


Anti-colorados is known online thanks to his blog. His articles mercilessly criticize the Russian army and the Russian government. He dismantles Russia's military operations not only in Ukraine, but around the world, including Syria. He tells about war crimes and actions of Russian mercenaries, including the infamous PMC "Wagner". He makes his predictions about such high-profile cases as the poisoning of ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter by GRU officers in Britain.

He covers in detail domestic social and foreign geopolitical issues, and the Kremlin's blunders - from the successful impact of sanctions on Russia's economy, odious import substitution and the destruction of "sanctioned products" to the Kremlin's attempts to intervene in the revolution in Venezuela and the conflict between the Russian Federation and Japan over the disputed Kuril Islands.

In his blog, Anti-Colorados also touches on domestic Ukrainian topics: deeds, statements and actions of the Ukrainian president, the election campaign and presidential candidates. The blogger regularly reports the latest news about the situation in Donbass and annexed Crimea, tells about the successes of the Ukrainian army in battles against terrorists and Russian regular troops.

Online activity

In addition to the author's blog on OBOZREVATEL and his own website "Line of Defense", Anti-Colorados has his own Facebook page, to which more than ten thousand people are subscribed. The blogger also maintains a Twitter account and his own YouTube channel. Anti-colorados can also be found on the popular blogging resource Wordpress.com, where he maintains his blog called "Life Behind the Curb".

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