Andriy Biletsky

Andriy Biletsky

Leader of the National Corps party
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Short biography

Andriy Biletsky is the leader of the political force "National Corps", former commander of the NSU battalion "Azov".

Brief biography

Andriy Biletsky was born on August 5, 1979, in Kharkiv.

He received his higher education at the Faculty of History of Kharkiv National University named after Karazin.

In 2001, Biletsky joined the Kiev protest rallies, which were held under the general slogan "Ukraine without Kuchma".

In 2002 Andriy Biletsky became the head of the regional cell of the All-Ukrainian organization "Trident".

In 2006, Biletsky founded the public organization "Patriot of Ukraine" and became its head. He personally took part in all events and actions organized by the Patriot of Ukraine.

In 2008 Andriy Biletsky initiated the creation of the Ukrainian movement Social-National Assembly, which he subsequently led until 2015.

In 2011, Andriy Biletsky became a figurehead of a high-profile criminal and political scandal, known to the general public as the "case of the Rymarska defense workers".

During the Revolution of Dignity, Biletsky's organization "Patriot of Ukraine" joined the newly formed "Right Sector".

In 2014, Andriy Biletsky and his men defended the Patriot of Ukraine headquarters in Kharkiv, on Rymarskaya Street, from fighters of the anti-Ukrainian organizations Oplot and Night Wolves. It is generally believed that the fight on Rymarskaya is the first case of an open clash with the use of firearms in the war in Donbass.

In August 2014, Biletsky acted as a founder of the Azov volunteer battalion and became its commander.

In the extraordinary elections to the Ukrainian parliament, held in 2014, Biletsky won and received the mandate of the people's deputy.

In 2015, Andriy Biletsky headed the movement Civil Corps Azov, which in 2016 was reformatted into the political force National Corps.

In 2019, Andriy Biletsky's party "National Corps" united with "Freedom" for joint participation in the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Personal life

The politician is married. Andriy Biletsky's wife is Yulia. The couple is raising a son, Alexander.

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