Alla Baranovskaya

Alla Baranovskaya

Ukrainian model and journalist
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Short biography

AllaBaranovskaya is a Ukrainian model and journalist

Brief biography

Alla Baranovskaya was born in 1994, in Donetsk. She studied at the Donetsk National University, Faculty of Philology.

Winning a beauty contest in St. Petersburg gave a start to Baranovskaya's career as a model. However, having always dreamed of becoming a journalist, Baranovskaya graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev and returned to Donetsk, where she took a job as editor-in-chief of one of the local glossy magazines, Phenomenon.

At the end of the Revolution of Dignity, after the beginning of the war in the east of Ukraine, the girl was forced to move to Kiev, where she stayed to live.

In 2017, she opened a beauty salon CLIPSE in the capital of Ukraine, which she positions as a budget option with prices "slightly below the average in Kiev", but assures that the salon employs professionals who are provided with the best materials from around the world.

Personal life

Alla Baranovskaya is married to Mykola Tishchenko - a famous Ukrainian restaurateur, philanthropist, TV presenter and sportsman, owner of a chain of restaurants "Nasha Karta".

Baranovskaya married him in 2016, but before that the couple hid their relationship for three whole years. Alla and Nikolai met thanks to an interview that Baranovskaya took from the famous restaurateur in 2013.

Later, when Donetsk was captured by terrorists, Tishchenko offered the girl to move to him, in Kiev. As a result, only in 2016 the couple played a wedding.

Now Baranovskaya and Tishchenko bring up their son David, who was born on February 21, 2017.

Popularity in the network

Alla Baranovskaya's Instagram account, thanks to her candid and even erotic photos, to date has already collected 267 thousand subscribers. At the same time in such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or VK personal pages Alla does not have, as well as there is no channel on YouTube.

In addition, her photos have repeatedly appeared on the covers of glossy magazines such as Viva and Cosmopolitan, as well as Baranovskaya took part in the popular TV show "Khto zverkhu" on the "New Channel".

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