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Alexander Slobozhenko

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Since the age of 11, he started working online. By that time there was no such profession as SMM-specialist, but there were opportunities to work in social networks, and Sasha was engaged in the development of publiques and chat rooms.

When he was 12-13 years old, he began to try himself in the e-commerce niche. He studied advertising on his own, constantly looking for ways to develop and improve his skills. So he was able to earn the first few thousand dollars and immediately bought himself a motorcycle, which he dreamed of.

In 2016 he got into the cordon, in which he first heard about traffic arbitrage. There is little information about this sphere, practitioners did not reveal their secrets of success. Sasha began on his own, together with his friend and now a colleague, to learn more about this niche, collecting information by crumbs. Subsequently organized a small team working together with him.

In November 2019, he founded his own media buying company Traffic Devils. In the first six months, it worked at a loss and Sasha thought about closing it down. But in June 2020, he found a solution that helped him make a breakthrough, take the company to revenue and actively scale it.

Traffic Devils' business

The company is engaged in media buying - buying traffic on one resource and redirecting it to another. Now the company has four offices in different cities.

The main niche of work is gambling.

The team has a staff of more than 250 people. The structure of the company consists of departments of finance, development, production, farming accounts for advertising, recruiting, baiting. The plans for the near future include even greater and active growth of employees and turnover.

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Ukrainian entrepreneur, founder of one of the best arbitrage teams in the CIS Traffic Devils

  • Academy Gymnasium;

  • Bilogorodsk General Secondary Education Institution No. 1;

  • Kiev College of Communications - RSO faculty (software development).

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Why  does a business needs its own brand in social networks: Slobozhenko outlines pros and cons

Why does a business needs its own brand in social networks: Slobozhenko outlines pros and cons

Through social networks, I got a lot of new acquaintances with cool, quite influential people," Slobozhenko