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Россия угрожает Украине
Россия угрожает Украине
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Россия угрожает Украине

Министр иностранных дел РФ Сергей Лавров заявил, что Россия готова встать на защиту россиян в Украине, а также обвинил нашу страну в невыполнении Женевских соглашений. Мировая общественность уже осудила высказывания главы МИДа. Так, Госдеп США назвал слова Лаврова "абсурдными".

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Medvedev Expects Ukraine to Overcome Stereotypes in Relations with Russia

  • Medvedev Expects Ukraine to Overcome Stereotypes in Relations with Russia

President Dmitry Medvedev expects the Ukrainian administration to overstep certain stereotypes in the partnership with Russia.

"I hope that the Ukrainian establishment and President Yanukovych will, first of all, overcome the remaining stereotypes in making their decisions and will be more pragmatic and aware of Ukrainian interests," he told Russian channels on Thursday, April 26.

There was a rather hard relationship with Ukraine and its former president Viktor Yuschenko, Medvedev said. "We have a different relationship now. In spite of certain contradictions and disputes with Ukraine partners, it is still a partnership, a relationship of comrades," he said.

As for Belarus, "our relations are special - we have the Union State," Medvedev said.

"I would not deny that we have frequently argued with President Lukashenko; he is not an easy person, an emotional man, but he has made important decisions. He looked around and made decisions important for himself. He was an initiator of the Customs Union agreement; he is also an advocate of the Eurasian Economic Union project. I think that is a worthy position, and we will develop comprehensive relations with Belarus," Medvedev said.

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