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European media do not want to mention Tymoshenko's criminal cases

  • European media do not want to mention Tymoshenko's criminal cases
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Director of the Berthold Beitz Center at the German Council on Foreign Relations Alexander Rahr commented to UNN on Germany's almost ultimate position regarding the release of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"There are no reports in the West about her [Tymoshenko's] criminal cases. They do not want to hear and know anything, and they are just not interested in that. People believe that Yanukovych's political opponent was imprisoned. They believe that if Tymoshenko claimed the post of president, then her previous cases should have been closed," he said, adding that other reasons that this is a criminal case, rather than political revenge, worry nobody.

When asked whether people in Europe know that a criminal case was opened against Tymoshenko concerning the activities of the United Energy Systems of Ukraine (UESU) Corporation, which was known ten years ago, Rahr noted that it was of little interest to Europeans.

He said that Europe remembers the situation with gas transit, when natural gas deliveries to Europe were resumed under Prime Minister Tymoshenko. Europe then needed the gas, but, on the other hand, "it did not care that Ukraine is fighting with Russia. Europe does not care that Ukraine pays Russia more or less."

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