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Blokhin Satisfied with Ukraine's Performance in a Match with Israel

  • Blokhin Satisfied with Ukraine's Performance in a Match with Israel
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Ukraine's head coach in generally is pleased with the performance of his team in a friendly match against Israel.

"Except for the start of the game, I am very pleased with the team play before the break. We were moving well, put many pressure and gave the opponents no opportunity to create a single scoring chance. On the other hand, we were attacking well and rightly, in my opinion, took the lead. Given that guys have just come back from their club camps, we have shown a good football and achieved positive results," Oleg Blokhin said at the post-match conference on Wednesday.

The coach also said that some problems arose in the defense, because before the backline almost had not played in this combination.

"Despite this, we have achieved a good result, given the state of our players and the level of the rivals. I think that during these two days we did a great job. It was not enough time, but anyway we succeeded. And now we more or less understand what we are heading for," Blokhin concluded.

As reported, the Ukrainian national team in preparations for EURO 2012 held another friendly match with the team of Israel. The match ended 3-2 in favor of Ukraine.

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