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Crimea to launch rail bus in autumn

  • Crimea to launch rail bus in autumn
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According to the report, the rail bus will run on the off-grid sections of the Dzhankoi-Kerch and Dzhankoi-Vladyslavivka-Feodosia routes.

As the deputy head of the department for suburban passenger transportation at Prydniprovska Railways, Yuriy Savchenko, reported, the enterprise in the first quarter of 2012 conducted an open tender to supply a rail bus. Poland's PESA Bydgoszcz SA won the tender.

"The use of a rail bus on the non-electrified and thinly populated sections of the track will allow to considerably reduce Prydniprovska Railways' operation expenses," the statement quoted Savchenko as saying.

As reported, the first rail bus worth about EUR 2 million running on Prydniprovska Railways was bought under the conditions of joint financing between the enterprises and Crimea. Some Hr 11 million from the republican budget will be allocated for its acquisition.

Prydniprovska Railways plans to cooperate with local administrations in the future to renew suburban rolling stock, including renovation at the expense of rail buses.

Prydniprovska Railways provides services to Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions, Crimea and districts in five other regions.

The enterprise includes four departments for railway transportation. Transit work is conducted at 244 stations, of which seven are for passengers, and 67 for freight.

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