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Rada adopts parliamentary election law introducing mixed electoral system

  • Rada adopts parliamentary election law introducing mixed electoral system
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The Verkhovna Rada has adopted the new parliamentary election law introducing a mixed electoral system, expanding the election threshold for parties to 5%, and removing blocs of political parties from the elections.

With 226 votes required, 366 lawmakers voted for draft law No.9265-d on the whole.

In particular, the law was supported by 187 deputies from the faction of the Party of Regions, 62 deputies from the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko - Batkivschyna faction, 36 deputies from the faction of the Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense Bloc, 24 deputies from the faction of the Communist Party of Ukraine, 19 deputies from the People's Party, 20 deputies from the deputy group called "Reforms for Future", and 18 independent deputies.

According to the law, 225 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada shall be elected on party tickets and 225 deputies shall be elected in single-mandate constituencies.

Candidates in single-mandate constituencies can be nominated by political parties or can nominate themselves.

The law allows a candidate running for the Verkhovna Rada simultaneously in single mandate constituencies and on party tickets.

The election process shall begin 90 days ahead of the voting day and ends 15 days after the Central Election Commission declares the official results of the elections.

The single-mandate constituencies shall have approximately the same number of voters.

The Central Election Commission shall publish the borders of constituencies no later than 175 days ahead of the voting day in national, regional, and private mass media.

Constituency election commissions shall comprise of 12-18 members. They shall include one representative from a party whose faction is registered in the parliament of the current convocation.

The other members of a constituency election commission are named through a draw on submissions from all parties running for the parliament at the elections. One party cannot have more than one representative in a constituency election commission.

A similar principle shall be applied for forming local election commissions. Candidates in single mandate constituencies are entitled to nominate their representatives to the local election commissions.

Decisions of constituency election commissions and local election commissions are adopted by majority of the commissions.

Subjects of the election process shall pay bails.

In particular, a party shall transfer to a special account of the Central Election Commission a sum equal to 2,000 minimal wages in bail for the party ticket; a party, as well as a self-nominating candidate, shall pay in bail 12 minimal wages.

The bails shall be paid back to winners.

The special temporary commission of the Verkhovna Rada comprising representatives of both majority and the opposition drew up the draft law.

The draft law was based on a draft law drawn up by the workgroup with President Viktor Yanukovych. The latter draft law had been examined by the Venice Commission.

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