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Tihipko Promises Large-scale Increase in Pensions

  • Tihipko Promises Large-scale Increase in Pensions
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The implementation of the president's social initiatives will help significantly strengthen social protection for the most vulnerable people, Deputy Prime Minister and Social Policy Minister Serhiy Tihipko has said at a working meeting in Cherkasy region.

"Economic growth will help us raise pensions for nearly nine million retirees by a hundred hryvnias from May this year. The question of modernizing pensions is long overdue. Today, we are able to address it," Tihipko's press service quoted him as saying.

The deputy prime minister said that payments would be significantly increased this year for people with disabilities and war veterans, the families of the deceased war veterans and other less protected Ukrainians.

Tihipko said that the adoption of a new law on employment, which proposes European approaches to overcoming unemployment, was one of the key measures aimed at ensuring economic growth.

"This law should solve the problem of the employment of the most vulnerable people. In particular, these are 20% of young people who cannot find jobs, 40% of graduates who are obliged to work not by profession, 30% unemployed able-bodied people living in rural areas and people aged over 45 who have difficulty with employment. First and foremost, we need to take the necessary measures to ensure that these categories of citizens could become competitive on the labor market," he said.

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